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Riyaz Aly Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Phone Number



Riyaz Aly Biography
Riyaz Aly Bio

Riyaz Ali, who made his fame with the Chinese app Tik Tok, hails Bhutan. Riyaz is also a social media influencer, Instagram star, and fashion blogger. He is also known for posting videos on the popular app Tik Tok. 

Apart from Tik Tok, he has millions of followers on his Instagram account. Earlier, he was known as Riyaz. Tik Tok realizes he has left his half on Instagram as well.

Who is Riyaz Aly?

Tik Tok’s famous star, Riyaz Ali, is Riyaz Afreen. Riyaz Afreen was born on September 14, 2003, in Jaigaon in Bhutan and Riyaz Afreen has his own house in Jaigaon. Riyaz Afreen’s family also consists of his parents and a sister. 

Riyaz Afreen’s father’s name is Afroz Afreen, and Riyaz’s mother’s name is Shabnam Afreen. And the name of Riyaz’s beloved sister is Riza Afreen. Riyaz Afreen and all his family members are from the Islam religion. 


Riyaz is very close to his mother and often shares pictures with her on his Instagram account. Riyaz did his schooling at the famous SHMD school in Jalgaon, Bhutan. When Riyaz used to make videos on Tik Tok, he was also very much liked by the people, and his videos were selected by the people even though he has earned the valuable title of crowned Tik Tok muser.

He must have been only 14 to 15 years old, by the way. He is one of the few Indian boys who have grown so much on Tik Tok at such a young age, and not everyone gets love at such a young age.

Riyaz Aly Images

Riyaz Aly Images

Riyaz Afreen  Biography

Full Name  Riyaz Afreen 
Nickname Riyaz Aly
Birth Date September 14, 2003
Birth Place  Jaigaon, Bhutan
Age  17 Years
Profession Instagram influencer, fashion Model
Address Mumbai, Maharashtra, Indian
Zodiac Libra
Religion Islam
Nationality Indian
Qualification 10th Standard
School Academy Shri Hanuman Mandir Dharamshala Jaigaon, Bhutan
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Light Red & Black
Skin Colour Almond
Girlfriend Anushka sen
Marital Status Single
Net Worth 15 Lakh – 20 Lakh ₹
Latest Update 2022

Age and Birthday

Riyaz Afreen, a well-known Tik Tok, was born on September 14, 2003, in Bhutan, and at present, in 2021, Riyaz Afreen has turned 18 years old, and Riyaz celebrates his birthday with his family and his close friends on September 14 with great joy.

Riyaz Aly Family 

If we talk about Riyaz’s family, his mother is Shabnam Afreen, and Riyaz’s father is Afroz Afreen, and his sister’s name is Riza Afreen. There are 4 members in this happy family belonging to the Islamic religion.

Riyaz Aly Girlfriend

He does not have any girlfriend about Riyaz’s girlfriend, but he is often seen hanging out with famous television actress Avneet Kaur. 

Riyaz has also worked with Avneet Kor many times, and his fans love their cute chemistry. Riyaz started his career in the year 2017.

Riyaz Aly Images

Riyaz Aly Images

Height and Weight

If we talk about Tik Tok’s star Riyaz, its height is 5 feet 6 inches, and its weight is 62 kg. It is believed that Tik Tok’s star Riyaz used to be very fat earlier, and later, he made his health fit and healthy by the gym.

Riyaz Aly Career

Riyaz, a well-known famous star of Tik Tok, started his career in 2017. Riyaz emerged in his career, he achieved great fame on Tik Tok, and today his life is no less than a luxurious life. His family is very happy with his fame. 

Riyaz Aly Images

Riyaz Aly Images

Riyaz Aly Net Worth 

Talking about the current year 2021, Riyaz is an Indian actor, social media influencer, and a famous Tik Tok star. Riyaz has a net worth of $0.5 million in 2021, which makes his life a luxury. 

A brief Run-Through:

Riyaz, who achieved big fame on Tik Tok, was born on September 14, 2003, in Jaigaon, Bhutan, and the reason for his fame is the Tik Tok application. In the family of Riyaz Ali, his parents Afroz Afreen, his mother Shabnam Afreen and her one sister named Riza Afreen, their family belongs from Jaigun of Bhutan country.

If we talk about Riyaz’s birthday, he celebrates his birthday every year on September 13 with great joy with his family and close friends. When we speak about Riyaz’s girlfriend, he has no girlfriend, but he is Anushka Sen.

In the videos with Avneet Kaur, Riyaz’s weight is about 62 kg, and Riyaz’s height is 5 feet 6 inches. Riyaz started his career in 2017 when Riyaz was around 14 years old.

Riyaz got his fame by struggling through an application called Tik Tok. He created a lot of followers and fans on Tik Tok with his ability. Riyaz made a lot of amazing videos on New Tik Tok and soon emerged on Tik Tok. This is a tip talk. Became a star, and as of 2021, Riyaz’s net worth is $0.5 million.


Riyaz Aly’s  Media Profiles:

  •  Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Website


Q1: Who is the GF of Riyaz Aly?

Talking about Riyaz Ali’s girlfriend, he has been seen many times with Anushka Sen and Avneet Kaur, and he can also be considered as his girlfriend

Q2: How did Riyaz Aly become famous?

The reason behind Riyaz Ali’s fame is the application Tik Tok, which came out of the country of China. On this application, he has struggled to reach a big point.

Q3: Who is Riyaz Aly’s crush?

He does not have a girlfriend, but he is often seen hanging out with famous television actress Avneet Kaur. Riyaz has also worked with Avneet Kor many times, and his fans love their cute chemistry.

Q4: What is the Age of Riyaz all? 

Riyaz Afreen, a well-known Tik Tok, was born on September 14, 2003, in Bhutan, and at present, in 2021, Riyaz Afreen has turned 18 years old. 

Q5: What is the Net Worth of Riyaz? 

Riyaz has a net worth of $0.5 million in 2021, which makes his life a luxury life. 



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