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Lil TJay Biography, Wiki, Age, Relationship, Career, Net Worth & More



Lil TJay Biography
Lil TJay Bio.

Lil Tjay, a famous singer, rapper, and songwriter, hails from America, Tione Jayden Merritt is Lil TJay’s real name, but better known as Lil Tjay, who is an American from the Bronx, New York. He is a rapper and songwriter. He is best known for his singles ‘Resume’ and ‘Brothers.’ The latter garnered 32.7 million views on SoundCloud, leading to Lil’s signing with Columbia Records. Lil was born Tion Merritt (his mother) and spent his childhood with his mother and siblings in the South Bronx. Lil Tjay started fighting and getting involved in robberies in middle school; as a result, he also had to undergo several sentences of two to three months. At 15, Lil was sentenced to a year in a youth detention center.

This more extended period influenced Lil Tjay to start writing lyrics. Lil promised his family in 2017 that he would no longer be involved in such crimes. Before recording in the studio, Lil composed several songs on his phone and computer using a bar designed to work in the hip hop style. Usher and Michael Jackson inspired him. Let’s take a closer look at Lil Tjay Biography.

Who Is Lil Tjay? 

Lil was born in The Bronx, New York, USA. TJay doesn’t know much about the history of its genre. Lil and his two younger siblings lived with their mother in a large apartment in the Bronx. In several interviews, he claimed to be the troubled child of the family.

In 2016, at 15, Lil was jailed for a robbery and spent a year in a youth detention center in New York. Although he got used to spending two or three months in prison during his middle school days, the one-year sentence forced him to reconsider the choices he was making in his life. During his time at the center, he began writing lyrics and decided to seek a life without crime.


At one point in 2017, Lil was released from jail. Immediately, his mother asked him to promise that he would get well. He did, but he knew it wasn’t true. As he tried to put his past activities behind him, he was still “stuck in his old habits.” The change eventually came when he started visiting a recording studio.

lil tjay ImagesLil TJay Images

Lil TJay Biography

Real Name Tione Jayden Merritt 
Profession Singer, Rapper and songwriter
Gender Male
Age 21 years
Date of Birth 30 April, 2001
Nationality American
Weight 67kg
Marital status Single
Height 5 feet 9 inch
Birth Place The Bronx, New York, United States
Net Worth $1 million
Last update 2022

Age, Height, and weight

According to Lil’s date of birth (April 30, 2001), he will be 21 years old in 2022. Lil is around 6 feet 7 meters tall and weighs approximately 70 kg or 152 lbs. He is of African American descent. Lil TJay has a rose tattoo inked on his body.


In an interview with ‘Pitchfork,’ Lil admitted that he has never been in a relationship. Although he has harbored feelings for various girls over the years, Lil never committed. He also admitted that he is interested in a non-celebrity girl from his neighborhood.

The riot rapper has just finished his sweet sixteen, and there are no rumors on the internet about his dating. Hence, her current relationship status is single. He is just living his life developing different types of music for his fans. Tjay doesn’t have a girlfriend at the moment. He may be dating someone, but he hasn’t revealed anything about his girlfriend and relationship.

lil tjay ImagesLil TJay Images

Lil Tjay Career

Lil’s career began in 2017 when he released music on SoundCloud, including the singles “Resume” and “Brothers.” His ‘resume’ was released when Lil was 16 and paired with a homemade video of him shooting fresh in a small apartment, quickly spreading online.


Lil performed at the Coast 2 Coast NYC All-Age Edition on March 10, 2018, and also placed first, where his performance caught the attention of the A&R record label, who were present to judge the showcase. Lil signed with Columbia Records after focusing on his song ‘Brothers,’ which had accumulated millions of streams on SoundCloud. In it, Lil raps about death, despair, and imprisonment. In the first ten months of his career, Lil released five tracks that recorded over a million plays on SoundCloud. His ‘Resume’ got 14 million views in just one year.

‘Brothers’ has got 32.7 million views on SoundCloud and other notable singles include ‘Goat,’ which has 15.7 million views on SoundCloud, and ‘Leaked,’ which has 13.6 million views. In July 2018, Lil Tjay worked with producer Cash Money AP to release ‘None of Your Love,’ which got 18.2 million views in just eight months. Cash Money AP has produced songs for rappers such as Lil Skies, Ty Dolla Sign, and YoungBoy Never Broke Again. he appeared In January 2019 with a single with Polo G, titPop-Outp Out,’ which has 27 million views on YouTube. When the artist released ‘Leaked’ in September 2018, the song achieved over 600,000 plays in less than a week on SoundCloud. 

He released his debut EP No Comparison in late 2018. The EP contains a feature film, YNW Melly, the 19-year-old rapper from Gifford, Florida, who started getting noticed around the same time as Lil Tjay. Their song ‘Ready for War’ was the biggest hit since the EP and had more than four million plays on SoundCloud.

Lil TJay’s Net worth

His life has been full of struggles. In his 21 years of life, he has also visited the jail, and after his release, he has taken his name to a different level. Talking about the net worth of this best singer and rapper, it is $1 million. 


Lil TJay Social Media Profiles:

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Q1: What is Lil TJay’s real name?

Tione Jayden Merritt is Lil Tjay’s real name, but better known as Lil Tjay, an American from the Bronx, New York.

Q2: How old is TJay?

According to his date of birth, he is 21 years old. 

Q3: What is Lil TJay worth?

He is making a significant amount from his YouTube channel, where Lil makes an estimated revenue of $500 per video. Lil’s annual income is over $ 200,000.

Q4: How long has King Lil Jay been in jail?

Lil Tjay started fighting and getting involved in robberies in middle school; as a result, he also had to undergo several sentences of two to three months.



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