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Ynairaly Simo Biography, Wiki, Birthday, Age, Career, Relationship, and Net worth



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Ynairaly Simo Bio

Known as a child actress, singer, and model, Ynairaly Simo hails from America. In addition, she is best recognized for playing a key role in the TV show “Creative Galaxy”. In addition, Ynairaly is recognized for playing the character of “Gabby” in the animated film “Vevo”. Let us tell you that this animated film has recently been released on the Netflix platform, after which she became a breakout star. So let’s know Ynairaly Simo’s Biography in more detail.

Who is Ynairaly Simo?

Born on 10 August 2008 in New York, USA, Ynairaly Simo is an actress, model, and singer by profession. She belongs of American nationality, and her religion is Christianity. His horoscope is Leo. Ynairaly was raised by her parents in New York along with her siblings. Ynairaly is very close to her siblings. She holds American nationality as well as the nationality of the Dominican Republic. Ynairaly’s acting and modeling career started at the young age of 3, which is still ongoing. Ynairaly’s musical education is currently ongoing at Celia Crooks Bronx High School of Music. There is no public disclosure of his priority education yet. At present, she is completely focused on her career. 

Ynairaly Simo Images

Ynairaly Simo Images

Ynairaly Simo Biography
Full name Ynairaly Simo
Age 14 years as in the year  2022
Date of Birth 10 August 2008
School/college Celia Crooks Bronx High School of Music
Known For She is best recognized for playing a key role in the TV show “Creative Galaxy”. 
Birthplace New York, United States. 
Zodiac sign Leo
Nationality American
Profession Actress, Model, and Singer
Height In feet inches – 5’ 0” – In Centimeters – 152 cm
Weight In Kilograms – 38 kg  In Pounds –  83 lbs
Qualifications Continue
Religion Christian
Relationship Single
Net worth $500,000 (approx.)
Last updated:  2022

Age and Birthday

Ynairaly Simo was born on 10 August 2008; she is an actress and model in America. According to her birth, she is 14 years old; Ynairaly celebrates her birthday with her siblings, friends, and parents. She has got a lot of popularity; this does not mean that it is never that they do not have qualities of their own. 

Height and weight

Ynairaly Simo is a famous child actress whose height is 5 feet 0 inches, and her weight is 38 kg as of 2022. However, she has not had a meaningful career; she is no less than a big personality.

Ynairaly Simo Relationship

Ynairaly has not shared much information about her personal life and relationships. Because she is still in the early stages of her profession, she focuses all her attention on herself. She likes all kinds of Spanish music. She is very close to his parents and siblings and refers to herself as “Daddy’s Little Princess.” Ynairaly currently resides in New York. In 2019, a report revealed that she was hospitalized and had to undergo an eight-hour surgery. However, not much information has been found about it.

Ynairaly Simo Images

Ynairaly Simo Images


When Ynairaly Simo was only three years old, her modeling started since then. Her acting career began after two years when she was only five years old. Shortly after starting an acting career, she began to appear in print and television commercials and audition for films and television shows. 

Then in 2014, she had a golden opportunity to star in the Amazon Prime sci-fi series “Creative Galaxy,” starring Ynairaly Simo. This series gained popularity when it aired, and it has since worked for her. It was easy to meet. Shortly after that, in his teens, Ynairaly began walking for several designers in places like New York and Los Angeles. 

She has walked in several fashion weeks and has built a solid modeling career over the years. Ynairaly lent her voice to Gabby in the Netflix Original animated movie “Alive,” released in 2021. He is also recognized for singing “My Own Drum” for the film’s official soundtrack, distributed globally. 

Currently, she is recognized for acting and modeling. Ynairaly’s mother is the owner of a fashion brand, and like her mother, Ynairaly decided to pursue a career in fashion in the future. Ynairaly is known for his contributions to the Roberto Clemente State Park in 2016. Her co-star, Lin Manuel Miranda, was ynairaly overtaken and garnered much attention with her performance in the film Vivo. Recently sponsored small business clothing company “junell5”. Ynairaly was the master of the ceremony at her mother’s fashion show.

Ynairaly Simo’s Net Worth

Simo is a former model and singer. And she earns many sources like acting, Singing, and modeling. If we talk about her net worth, it is $500,000. She lives with her family and is happy, so we can also say that her life is no less than a luxury.

Ynairaly Simo Images

Ynairaly Simo Images

Ynairaly Simo’s Media Profiles:

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Ynairaly Simo

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Q1: Is Ynairaly Simo married? 

Ynairaly Simo is not married, and she is not dating anyone. Ynairaly is 14 years old, and she is focused on her career. She is famous for acting, Singing, and modeling. 


Q2: How tall is Ynairaly Simo? 

Ynairaly Simo is a famous child actress whose height is 5 feet 0 inches, and her weight is 38 kg as of 2022.

Q3: Is Ynairaly Simo a billionaire? 

If we talk about her net worth, it is $ $500,000. She lives with her family, and her life is happy, so we can also say that her life is not less than a luxury.

Q4: Why is Ynairaly Simo famous? 

Known as a child actress, singer, and model, Ynairaly Simo hails from America. In addition, she is best recognized for playing a pivotal role in the TV show “Creative Galaxy.” 

Q5: What is the name of Ynairaly Simo’s father? 

Her father’s name is Joseph Simo, and her mothers is Ydamys Simo. 



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