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(Nishchay Malhan) Triggered Insaan Biography, Wiki, Career, Family, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Triggered Insaan Biography

Triggered Insaan is an Indian Youtube content creator who uploads videos about gaming, roasting, and video reactions. They have two biggest youtube channels, and the first youtube channel is Triggered Insaan, which they all know, and there are more than 14.6M subscribers on this channel.

This youtube channel comes in the list of India’s top 50 famous youtube channels, and Another youtube channel is Live Insaan, where it does live streaming every day, and there are more than 8.16M subscribers on this channel.

Triggered Insaan’s real name is Nishchay Malhan, but he is known as Triggered Insaan because of his youtube channel on youtube, social media. 

He makes roasting, reaction, and funny videos and uploads on youtube and gaming on his first youtube channel and lives streaming gaming videos on his second youtube channel. According to his youtube status, more than 1 million people watch his videos every day on his channel.

Nischay Malhan Biography & Wiki

Nischay Malhan was born on November 14, 1995, in Delhi, known as Triggered Inssan. Nischay is an I YouTuber and PUBG live-streamer based in New Delhi, best known for his roasting channel and reaction videos on his YouTube channel. 


Nischay often roams in Bollywood media, as well as social media influences. Nischay also has a live channel called Live Insaan, where Nischay uploads gaming videos like PUBG, Minecraft, and He Uses To Upload it. Nischay (triggered insaan) is known for the famous Hindi dialogue “Oh Bhai… Maro Mujhe Maro!.

Who is Nischay Malhan? 

Full Name Nischay Malhan
NickName Triggered Insaan
Age 26 years old
Date of Birth November 14, 1995
Birthday November 14
Birth Place Delhi
Nationality Indian
Famous For Youtube
Gender Male
Religion Hinduism
Father Vinay Malhan
Mother Dimple Malhan
Brother Abhishek Malhan
Sister Prerna Malhan
Hair Color Black
Biceps 14 inches
Eye Color Brown
Net worth $2 Million

Nischay Malhan Age

Nishchay Malhan, a well-known famous YouTuber of India, was born on September 14, 1995, in Delhi. In the year 2022, the age of Nishchay will be 26 years.

Nischay Malhan Birthday

Nischay Malhan celebrates his birthday every September 14 with great joy with his family and close friends.

Nichay Malhan Height and Weight

Regarding Nishchay Malhan’s weight, Nishchay Malhan’s weight is 65 kg, and Nishchay Malhan’s height is 5 feet 9 inches, and his body measurement is 42-34-14; Nischay is healthy and beautiful; he has two brown eyes and black hair.

Nischay Malhan Family

Nischay Malhan’s father’s name is Vinay Malhan, and his mother’s name is Dimple Malhan’s brother – Abhishek Malhan; his mother is a housewife. 

He is very close to his mother, and she helped her become a successful YouTuber. She also has a food vlogging YouTube channel named Dimple Kitchen, where she makes food recipes.


Nischay Malhan Girlfriend

Nishchay Malhan (triggered insaan), Nishchay is still single, and Nishchay doesn’t have a girlfriend yet. If we get any news about Nishchay relationship in the future, then we will share it with you.

Nischay Malhan Education

Malhan completed his schooling at a private-public school in New Delhi, India. During his school time, he was such an intelligent and talented student. He has scored more than 80% marks in the 10th board exam and the 12th board exam.

He has given many competitive exams essential for engineering, including JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, BITS Pilani, IP University, and more. Appeared in class 8 for NTSE, SAT to test your fluency in the English language and consistently scored 2100-2200 out of 2400. Nischay Calhan joined it after completing school. 

Engineering to pursue his Electronics and Communication degree at IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) – Delhi and completed his IIT degree there.

Nischay Malhan Career

Indeed Malhan’s career started from his college days; he loved playing video games very much whenever he was stressed; Nischay used to play these games, and while studying in a good college, he also worked very hard towards studies.

When he got an assignment to do coding from the college side, he searched for coding videos on YouTube.But they did not get the videos. They thought, why not after learning to code? I should make coding videos on YouTube, which will also help people. 


And in 2013, started a YouTube channel on the coding base named Nishchay Milan. But it was not regular on YouTube. Because he wanted to become a web developer, he passed his engineering with 7.63 CGP and got a good placement from the college itself. When he went to the job on the first day, his boss misled him for some reason. 

The thing that the triggered person did not like. And all this, he also expressed his desire to his father not to work anywhere else on the same night. But his father said, that son, you will do the job.

Nishchay Malhan Net Worth

If we talk about the Net Worth of YouTube’s well-known star-triggered person, i.e., Nishchay Malhan, his net worth is 2 million dollars, definitely earning about 8 to 9 lakh rupees from one of his videos.


  • Who is Nischay Malhan?

Nishchay Malhan, born on November 14, better known online as Trigger Insan, is a New Delhi-based Indian YouTuber and PUBG live-streamer known for his comments, roasts, rants, and reaction videos on his YouTube channel. Known for being, Nishchay often appears in Bollywood and Indian media and social media influencers.

  • Is Triggered Insaan from IIT?

Nischay Malhan completed her engineering from IIIT, Delhi.

  • How old is Triggered Insaan?

Triggered Insan (Nishchay Malhan) Born on November 14, 1995, in New Delhi, his age is 26 years as of November 2021

  • When did Triggered Insaan start his channel?

Trigger Insan (Nishchay Malhan) started his main YouTube channel on July 17, 2014, started making comedy plus roasting videos, and soon became a social media star. In 2022, his channel will have more than 14.6 million subscribers.

  • How tall is Nischay Malhan ?

Niche machine, i.e., Triggered person’s height is 5 feet 9 inches, and his weight is 70 kg; this is a well-known YouTuber who does roasting on his YouTube channel.


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