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Corinna Kopf Biography, Birthday, Boyfriend, Age, Height, Gaming, Net Worth, Wiki & More

Corinna Kopf Biography

Corinna Kopf is a YouTuber, model, streamer, and social media sensation from the United States. She is best known for being a member of David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad. Since 2015, she has been a part of Dobrik’s vlogs.

Corinna Kopf grew up in Palatine, Illinois, in the United States. She went to a private high school in Palatine for her early education and later graduated from a university in Palatine, Illinois. Her nationality is American, and she professes faith in Jesus Christ. Sagittarius is her zodiac sign.

Corinna Kopf Biography & Wiki

Corinna Kopf is a social media celebrity from the United States. She started out as an ‘Instagram’ model before transitioning into vlogging. She runs a lifestyle and beauty-related ‘YouTube’ channel. Storytime, pranks, and challenge videos are also featured on the channel. She’s worked with a number of well-known “YouTubers,” with David Dobrik being one of her most popular collaborators. Corinna uses ‘YouTube’ to document nearly every event in her life. Her social media accounts are all active. Her ‘Instagram’ account has over one million followers. Her ‘YouTube’ channel has more than a million subscribers despite only having a few videos.

She has always wanted to be famous and famous in the industry since she was a child. She began her online career at a young age, posting interesting and entertaining videos on various social media platforms.

Who is Corrina Kopf?

Name: Corrina Kopf
Date of Birth December 1, 1995
Age: 25 Years
Parents: Skovbye (Father), Tine Skovbye(Mother)
Weight: 114 Pounds
Height: 5 ft. 5 in.
Education: Private High School, Palatine, United States
Nationality: American
Birthplace Palatine, Illinois, United States
Source of Wealth: YouTuber, Social Media Influencer
Source of Fame: Lifestyle, YouTube Channel, and OF Page
Country of Origin: United States
Corinna Kopf Net Worth $ 2 Million
Last updated: 2021

Corinna Kopf Birthday


Corinna was born on December 1, 1995, in Palatine, Illinois, United States.

Corinna Kopf Family

Mr. Kopf, Corinna’s father, is a businessman, and Mrs. Kopf, her mother, is a housewife.

Corinna Kopf Education

She finished her early education at a local high school in Palatine, Illinois.

Corinna Kopf Boyfriend

Toddy Smith, a YouTuber and well-known social media personality, dated Corinna Kopf. Their social media accounts are filled with beautiful photos of the couple, and they are open about their relationship.

She then began dating Turner Tenney, a popular streamer and member of the FaZe Clan streaming collective. In December 2018, Kopf was first spotted with streamer Turner Tenney at a party.

Their relationship was not confirmed until March 2019, when they shared photos of themselves together. In an Instagram caption, Tenney said, “I might have small nipples and a small peen, but I still managed to pull this off.”


Corinna Kopf Career

Corinna Kopf began her professional life as an Instagram model and social media celebrity. She started a YouTube channel with the same name in 2017, where she uploads interesting lifestyle videos.

Corinna entered the social media scene while still in high school. On August 18, 2012, she started her social media career with ‘Instagram,’ and she now has over a million followers. A video from the electronic music festival ‘Spring Awakening,’ which she attended in 2014, is one of her most popular ‘Instagram’ posts. Corinna also joined ‘Twitter,’ where her posts have amassed a following of over 500 thousand people.

Corrina polled her ‘Twitter’ followers before starting her ‘YouTube’ channel. She polled her fans to see if they wanted her on ‘YouTube.’ When she discovered that 79 percent of her fans wanted to see her on ‘YouTube,’ she decided to start her own channel.

On June 3, 2016, she started her ‘YouTube’ channel. Corinna’s first ‘YouTube’ appearance, according to many of her fans, was in a video by David Dobrik, a fellow “YouTuber.” On her first ‘YouTube’ video, which was a Q&A session, Corinna flatly denied the claim. Her first ‘YouTube’ appearance was in a prank video on the ‘Second Class’ channel, which she co-owns with her friend Jack Dytrych. Corinna met him at a party thanks to David, who introduced them.

Corinna is also well-known for her storytime videos. Her terrifying lip-injection experience is the subject of one of her most popular storytime videos. Corinna once shared her skin-care routine in response to fan requests, and it received a lot of attention. Fashion and beauty became a regular topic on her channel after that. Corinna has collaborated with a number of well-known “YouTubers,” including Liza Koshy, Duarte Dom, Nathalie Paris, Zane Hijazi, Bruhitszach, Franny Arrieta, Josh Peck, Jason Nash, and Nick Bean, to name a few. The most well-known of these has been Corinna’s collaboration with David. Their frequent collaborations gave the impression that they were dating.

Corinna Kopf Personal Life

Corinna has a strong desire to travel. She aspires to travel the world one day, and Australia is one of her top choices.


Tattoos and piercings are two of Corinna’s favorite things. She has eight piercings: four on her right ear, three on her left, and one on her belly button. Corinna has four tattoos on her body. “J. Nash” is tattooed on her inner lips. Her right hand’s middle finger is tattooed with “David’s Vlogs.” On her wrist, she has a tattoo of the ace of hearts. She also has the tattoo “You are stronger, I Love You” on her foot. Her brother, who passed away, is honored with the tattoo.

Corinna is the proud owner of an ‘Audi.’ She prefers bright colors and is a cat lover. Shane Dawson is her favorite “YouTuber,” and Corinna’s favorite “YouTube” channel is ‘KKandbabyJ,’ a family vlog channel based in Orlando.

Corinna Kopf Net Worth

Corinna’s net worth is estimated to be around $2 million dollars as of 2021.

A Brief Run-Through:

Corinna Kopf is an Instagram model and a well-known social media star. The beautiful pictures and videos that she posts on her various social media accounts and YouTube channels are her main draw.

Her acting career began when she was just a teenager. Instagram Reels made her famous. Her funny and romantic lip sync videos have made her famous. Her social media pages have millions of followers and a large fan base. Her videos went viral on social media, and she became well-known.

FAQs Corinna Kopf:

Q1: Why is Corrina Kopf so famous?

Corinna Kopf became famous on YouTube after joining David Dobrik’s Vlog Squad. She recently claimed that in her first 48 hours on OnlyFans, she made over $1 million. 


Q2: How is Corrina Kopf a millinaire?

The vlog did not disappoint, with Kopf revealing that she has made over $4.2 million on her official account in the popular four-minute Dobrik video. In June 2021, the internet personality launched her official account, which has already made her a millionaire.

Q3: Are Toddy and Corrina together?

Toddy and Corinna dated from 2017 to 2018, before announcing their breakup in April of 2018. Toddy thanked his “girlfriend, Corinna Kopf” during the Streamy Awards, despite the fact that they had already broken up. However, the two have continued to film together, indicating that things are not awkward between them.

Q4: How did Corrina Kopf make her money?

OnlyFans, a subscription platform best known for its vast population of NSFW creators (though it is reportedly moving away from NSFW content as it tries to raise fresh funding at a valuation of more than $1 billion), previously claimed that Kopf made $1 million in the first 48 hours after joining.

Q5: Where does Corrina Kopf live now?

Corrina Kopt is currently living in Los Angeles.


Corinna Kopf‘s Social Profile:

  • Corinna Kopf’s Official Facebook:- Like Her
  • Corinna Kopf’s Official Twitter:- Follow Her
  • Corinna Kopf’s Official Instagram:- Follow Her


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