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Nikita Dragun Biography, Wiki, Career, Net Worth, Movies and TV Shows

Nikita Dragun Biography

Nikita Dragun is a social media star, model, makeup artist, fashion entrepreneur, and beauty guru. Nikita Dragun, Mama Dragun hail from America. Over the years, she has won millions of fans around the world. 

Her beauty tutorials and lifestyle blog have earned over 1.6 million YouTube subscribers and 2.8 million Instagram followers. In addition to her thriving career as a beauty and fashion expert, Nikita Dragun is also an LGBTQ+ activist. 

Being transgender herself, the Instagram star uses her vast reach on various social media platforms to draw attention to significant issues affecting the trans community.

Nikita Dragun Biography and Wiki

Nikita Dragun was born on 31 January 1996 in Springfield. She is multiracial, who took her to a Vietnamese father and a Mexican mother.

She was raised with Vincarlo Nguyen and sisters Allegra Nguyen Capri and Taliah Nguyen Marriott. Nikita Dragun enrolled at FIDM (Fashion Design and Merchandising Institute) in Los Angeles, California, in 2014.


Fresh out of high school, Nikita Dragun started. She started her eponymous YouTube channel in February 2013. She primarily started as a makeup and beauty vlogger. Over the years, she has gained a reputation as a strong voice in the LGBT community.

Due to his rising profile as a go-to person for all things beauty and fashion, Dragun has secured several significant contracts, including collaborating with hairstyling company Bellamy Hair on his line of synthetic wigs. 

She graduated from college in June 2017, majoring in sales and marketing for the beauty industry. In May 2018, the YouTube star collaborated with makeup and beauty brand Morphe on a collection of lipsticks.

Who is Nikita Dragun?

Name Nikita Dragun
Full Name Nikita Nguyen
Date of Birth January 31, 1996
Gender Female
Profession YouTuber, Make-up Artist, and Model
Nationality American
Age 25 Years
Birth Place Brussels, Belgium, Western Europe
School West Springfield High School, Virginia, United States
College The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Los Angel, California, United States
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Education Qualification Graduation in Business
Hometown Brussels, Belgium, Western Europe
Height 5 feet 3 inches
Weight 51 kg
Marital Status Single
Eye Colour Dark Brown
Sexual Orientation Straight
Siblings Allegrah Nguyen Capri, Vincarlo Nguyen, Taliah Nguyen Marriott,
Net Worth $10 Million

Nikita Dragun Birthday

His birthday falls on 31 January 1996.

Nikita Dragun Age 

She is 24 years old. Nikita’s nationality is American and belongs to mixed ethnicity. 

Upon reaching college, she is of Vietnamese and Mexican descent and became a trans woman. 


His birth sign is Aquarius. She was born in Belgium.

Nikita Dragun Height and Weight

Nikita Dragun’s height is 5 feet 3 inches. The social media beauty influencer maintains a ready physique with 51 kg. 

She has three amazing tattoos on her body; A small dragon tattoo on his chest, a much larger dragon tattoo along his back, and an inscription on his wrist with the word “Dragon” in Arabic. 

The very famous Mama Dragon has a thing for dragons!

Nikita Dragun Career

She is considered a youth icon for transgender people for her transparency on her transition. 

Her YouTube channel, which garnered over 3.42 million subscribers as of July 2020, consists mainly of makeup tutorials, vlogs, challenges, and inspirational videos about her transition.


 She is also popular on Instagram, with more than 7 million fans as of June 2020. In June 2021, his Tik Tok account recorded 13.8 million subscribers. 

According to her, after transition, she came to know what kind of prejudices women regularly face, which made her a feminist apart from being an LGBT+ activist. 

In September 2017, she announced her first collaboration with Bellamy Hair and unveiled her line of three wigs – models Saphira, Khaleesi, and Cassie.

In March 2019, she launched her vegan beauty product line, Dragon Beauty, the first cosmetic brand owned by a trans woman. The stock of these products was exhausted a few hours after the online launch of the brand. 

Its proofreaders are partly inspired by the issues transgender women face in covering their beards. The design of the Dragon Egg is inspired by the bandages surrounding her face after her facial feminization operation.

In 2020, she collaborated with Morphe to create a makeup palette: Nikita x Morphe. Its transitivity and life course often influence specific colors in a palette.


Nikita Dragun has appeared in the music videos of several female singers, including Kim Petras. She has been an actress in web series to be aired on Youtube and Snapchat.

In April 2021, Netflix announced the preparation of a reality TV show attended by some Tik Tok star influencers, including Nikita Dragun, the collective of The Hype House (IN), a content house based in Los Angeles.

Nikita Dragun Movies and TV Shows

Web series



Role and Release

2018-2019 Escape the Night The Troublemaker

(Web Series broadcast on youtube) 

2020 Nikita unfiltered Herself

(web series broadcast on Snapchat) 

2020 Instant influencer with James Charles Herself 

Television series

  • The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, episode “The Show Must Go On. 

Clips (appearances)

Year Title Role and Release
2018 Heart to Break Kim Petras
2018 That Bih Qveen Herby
2019 Best Friend’s Ass Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Paris Hilton
2019 Fuck It Up Iggy Azalea
2020 Malibu Kim Petras
2020 I’m Jealous  Bebe Rexha feat. Doja Cat – Baby,

Before and After becoming Transgender

Although Nikita Dragun was brought up as a clad boy named “Nicholas,” he always knew that he was attracted to the female gender early. In his first physical education class, young Nicholas joined the ranks of girls and insisted on wearing short shorts. 

He also loved to wear and experiment with his mother’s makeup. When he was eight years old, he found a documentary about transgender people that sparked the idea of ​​a life-changing transition. However, Nikita Dragun had no role model to follow growing up as she never met anyone who was transgender in her home state of Virginia. 

On top of this were those who barely addressed LGBT issues in public discourse. And so she grew up with everyone that she was gay. After graduating from high school, the girl finally gained the confidence of her parents to bring up the subject. 


Although she was shocked at first, her conservative parents gave her all the support she needed throughout her journey.

Nikita Dragun’s hugely popular YouTube channel premiered in 2013, but she has maintained that she is transgender from her viewers and followers. She finally made this major reveal in December 2015 through a very touching video titled “I’m Transgender,” which has since gone viral. He described his transition in a vlogging series called “Transformation Tuesday.”

Nikita Dragun Relationships

While she has always been very candid about her personal life, this aspect of Nikita Dragun’s life has been extremely vague. 

The YouTube star has portrayed several men as her boyfriend throughout her emotional journey to social media stardom, but none have ever been authenticated. 

Although she is currently single, Nikita Dragon is known to be dating Los Angeles-based fashion designer Oscar Retire. 

Their relationship began before her gender changed and lasted for many years. However, it is well hidden from the public. Her novel was revealed to the public when it ended when it was featured in a vlog by Dragons as “Ex-Boyfriend Do My Makeup!” who featured the title.


Nikita Dragun Net Worth

What is Nikita Dragun’s net worth? She shared a fashion and lifestyle selfie on Instagram. 

As of 2021, his net worth is around $10 Million, and it is also paid for the partnership and advertising of its sponsors.


  • Where does Nikita Dragun live?

In April 2021, Netflix announced the preparation of a reality TV show. Several star influencers of Tik Tok, including Nikita Dragun, from The Hype House (in), a content house based in Los Angeles.

  • Who is Nikita in the Elton John song?

Anya Major, born 1966, is an athlete specializing in discus throwing and a British model best known for her appearance in the famous 1984 Apple commercial. She then pursued a career in modeling and appeared in a few music videos, such as Elton John’s Nikita.

  • How old is Nikita?

She is 24 years old. Nikita’s nationality is American and belongs to mixed ethnicity.

  • Is Nikita Dragun in a relationship?

She is currently single, Nikita, Dragon is known to be dating Los Angeles-based fashion designer Oscar Retire.

  • What is Nikita Dragun’s real name?

The real name of the Nikita dragon is Nikita Nguyen. 


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