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DMX Net Worth, Biography, Age, Song, Albums, Death, Wikipedia

DMX Net Worth

Earl Simmons was an American rapper and singer also known by his stage name as DMX. The critically acclaimed and commercially successful rapper was born in Mount Vernon, New York. His father, Joe Barker, was an artist and was largely absent from his life. Despite being a successful and popular rapper who sold over 74 million albums worldwide, he had never freed his life from troubles and hardship.

DMX earned approximately 2.3 million dollars from his song between 2010 to 2015 but then also filed many times for bankruptcy. He had multiple marriages, extramarital affairs, and lots of children. This resulted in him having a tremendous burden of child support payments, which is why he had a million dollars of debt upon him. DMX’s net worth estimated after his death is to be negative one million dollars even before paying his all pending bank income taxes. 

What Is DMX‘s Net Worth?

Net Worth: -$1 Million
Source of wealth: NA
Profession: American Rapper, Actor, Writer
Nationality United States of America
Date of Birth December 18, 1970
Date of Death April 9, 2021
Cause of Death Drugs Induced Heart Attack
Full Name: Earl Simmons – DMX (Dark Man X)
Last updated:  2021

DMX Biography, Career & Wiki

Earl Simmons had a rough childhood, an abusive relationship with his mother, and teenage drug abuse left him addicted for his entire life. He also suffered greatly from bronchial asthma as a child and regularly visited hospitals to treat his breathing problems. Due to poverty, he had to sleep on the ground where mice, rats crawled upon him at night. He stated once in an interview that he was being beaten by his mother and her boyfriend regularly, which resulted in him having a significant health concern as a child. Earl Simmons found music a way to run away from his life’s miseries. 

Earl Simmons started his career in the music industry at the age of 14, when he used to do beatboxing for various artists. In 1984 he released his debut album called “It’s Dark, and Hell is Hot”, an instant hit. The album sold more than 25,000 copies within the first week of release and appreciated the critics.


DMX Albums

Earls’ best-selling album was “There was X”, which was released in 1999 was also a big hit. The single track “Party Up(Up in Here)” was the album’s biggest hit and broke every record that time. In 2003 DMX released an album named ” Where the Hood At ?” Which was also a success. 

Earl Simmons, aka DMX, was the first artist who got his album to top the Billboard 200 chart five times in a row. He sold 74 million records in his lifetime, which is a record in itself. 

DMX Song

Religious View of DMX

Ellen Simmons was very religious and believed himself to be a born-again Christian. He said that he read Bibles every day. When he came out of jail, in an interview, he once stated, ” I came here to meet somebody, don’t know who it was but I will know when I see him, I came here to give him a message, and the message is Jesus loves them”. 

Simmons also gave multiple sermons at churches in Phoenix, Arizona. In April 2020, Ellen held an online Bible study and conveyed his thoughts to the people accepting Jesus as their savior and Lord.


Relationship of DMX

Ellen Simmons was a father of fifteen children from nine different women. His first wife was Tashera Simmons, a childhood friend of Ellen. They got separated after eleven years of marriage. Ellen also has multiple extramarital affairs. Monique Wayne filed a defamation case against him when he refused to accept her child of his own. Genetic testing revealed that Ellen was indeed the father of her child. The court ordered DMX to pay a hefty 1.5 million dollars to Monique Wayne for child support. 

DMX also had some feud with his old friends and rappers Ja Rule and Jay-Z. They all had formed a group that ultimately failed because of tensions between them. DMX also released a diss track called “They Want War” for Ja Rule in 2002. Later the feud got diluted as time passed, and finally, both DMX and Ja Rule officially ended their rivalry in 2009 at a VH1’s show.

Legal Troubles of DMX

Ellen has been in legal trouble since childhood. The well-known rapper is said to have been sentenced to jail more than 30 times in his life. He has a long list of legal offenses on his name, including robbery, assault, carjacking, animal cruelty, reckless driving, unlicensed driving to name a few. He was also sentenced because of drug procession, driving under the influence, and probation violation multiple times. 

He was accused of being a tax defaulter by the system. DMX also filed for bankruptcy three times.

Health of DMX

Ellen Simmons was suffering from drug abuse from his early teenage years. He was a crack cocaine addict. He also claimed to have bipolar disorder. He often visited rehabilitation centers, including in 2002, 2017, and 2019 but never really came out of the addiction. 


DMX Death

On the morning of the 9th April 2021, Simmon passed away because of multiple essential organs failure which was caused because of a drug overdose. He was at the age of 50 when he was reported dead.

FAQs About DMX

  • What happened to DMX?

He was hospitalized because of a cocaine overdose, he suffered from a heart attack and various organ failure and died one week later.

  • What is the Net Worth of DMX? 

The net worth of the American rapper  DMX was estimated to be   $ -1 million. 

  • What is the meaning of DMX? 

DMX is a musical instrument which means digital drum machine. This is also the stage name of rapper Ellen Simmons, some suggest it stood for Dark Man X.

  • Why is DMX in debt?

DMX Has too many child support payments to give because he had 15 children in total also bank income tax left DMX deeply in debt.

  • What tattoo does the DMX have?

DMX had a “BFW” tattoo on the right side of his neck, which means Built For War.


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