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Alexandra Breckenridge Biography, Husband, Movies, TV Shows, Quotes, Net Worth, Wiki

Alexandra Breckenridge Biography

Alexandra Breckenridge is an actress from the United States. She began her acting career in the teen comedies Big Fat Liar (2002) and She’s the Man (2003). (2006). She later starred as Willa McPherson, a reporter in the FX series Dirt, and in the short-lived series The Ex List. In the first season of FX’s American Horror Story, she played a young Moira O’Hara, and in the third season, she played Kaylee.

In the AMC series The Walking Dead, she played Jessie Anderson, and in the NBC series This Is Us, she played Sophie. She also contributes her voice to the animated comedy series Family Guy as a variety of characters. She has played Melinda “Mel” Monroe in the Netflix series Virgin River since 2019.

Alexandra Breckenridge Biography & Wiki

Alexandra Breckenridge (born Alexandra Hetherington Breckenridge) is an actress, voice artist, and photographer from the United States. Her most well-known roles include Big Fat Liar and She’s The Man, both teen comedies. She also lends her voice to a number of popular animated television shows. Breckenridge has starred in a number of television shows, including Virgin River, The Ex List, Dirt, Save Me, and others.

Alexandra Breckenridge was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in the United States, on May 15, 1982. When she was very young, her parents divorced. She moved to Los Angeles with her mother when she was 15 years old to pursue a career in acting. Michael Weatherly’s niece. She is based in Los Angeles at the moment.

Who is Alexandra Breckenridge?

Name: Alexandra Hetherington Breckenridge
Date of Birth May 15, 1982
Age: 39 Years
Weight: 132 Pounds
Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
Nationality: American
Birthplace Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States
Spouse: Casey Hooper
Children: Jack Breckenridge Hooper, and Billie Breckenridge Hooper
Source of Wealth: Actress
Country of Origin: United States of America
Alexandra Breckenridge Net Worth USD $2.5 Million approx
Last updated:  2021

Alexandra Breckenridge Birthday

Alexandra was born on May 15, 1982, in Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States.


Alexandra Breckenridge Family

Michael Weatherly is the only known family member of Alexandra. He is her Uncle.

Alexandra Breckenridge Husband

Alexandra Breckenridge dated Bryten Goss when she was younger, and it was he who encouraged her to pursue her passion for photography. In September 2015, she married guitarist Casey Hooper. Jack Breckenridge Hooper is their son, and Billie Breckenridge Hooper is their daughter.

Alexandra Breckenridge Career

Alexandra began her acting career as a teen actor in 1998. She guest-starred in the series, ‘Freaks and Geeks’ in 2000 after appearing in a couple of minute-long television roles. Since then, she has appeared in a number of TV shows, including ‘Dawson’s Creek’ in 2000, ‘Undeclared’ in 2001-02, ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ in 2002, ‘Charmed’ in 2002, ‘CSI: Crime Scene Investigation’ in 2004, ‘JAG’ in 2004, and ‘Medium’ in 2005. She made her film debut in 2002, in the film ‘Big Fat Liar,’ where she played the sister of a male lead. Alexandra went on to star in films such as ‘She’s the Man,’ ‘The Bridge to Nowhere,’ ‘Ticket Out,’ and ‘Zipper,’ among others.

Alexandra’s career in television has been more successful and popular than her career in film. She has performed as a voice actress in a number of animated television shows, including the popular ‘Family Guy.’ She was originally called for a guest character audition, but the show’s creator, Seth MacFarlane, was so taken with her voice that he decided to give her a larger role. She went on to voice another Seth MacFarlane show, titled “Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy.”

When she was offered a recurring role in HBO’s ‘True Blood,’ she saw her acting career soar to new heights. She was then cast as ‘Moira O’Hara,’ the ghost maid trapped in the house in the first season of ‘American Horror Story,’ in which she appeared in 2011. In 2013, she returned for the show’s third season. ‘American Horror Story: Coven’ featured her as a young witch named ‘Kaylee.’ She debuted as ‘Jessie Anderson’ on the television show ‘The Walking Dead’ two years later, in 2015.

She starred in the first season of the NBC television show ‘This Is Us’ in 2017. She was given a recurring role at first, but later in the following season, she was promoted to the show’s lead cast.


Alexandra Breckenridge Movies

Some of the famous movies given by the actress are:

  • The Art of Travel
  • She’s the Man
  • Orange County
  • Zipper
  • Big Fat Liar
  • Wishcraft
  • Always Watching: A Marble Hornets Story
  • Dark
  • Broken Vows

Alexandra Breckenridge Quotes & Sayings

“I’m always looking for a chance to play somebody who’s completely opposite of me, just because I find it more interesting.” — Alexandra Breckenridge

“I get hit on so much it’s not normal. I didn’t realize so many men liked redheads.” — Alexandra Breckenridge

“When you’re reading something, your imagination goes and you see it in your mind. Sometimes my instincts with that are right, and sometimes they’re wrong.” — Alexandra Breckenridge

“I love horror movies, so it’s a real treat to be able to work on a television show of that genre, and have it actually be really, really good.” — Alexandra Breckenridge

“I’m not naive to the ways of men. Their need to objectify, conquer. They see what they want to see. Women, however, see into the soul of a person.” — Alexandra Breckenridge

Alexandra Breckenridge Net Worth

Alexandra has a net worth of around $2.5 million as of now 2021.


A Brief Run-Through:

Alexandra Breckenridge is an American Television Actress, Photographer, Film Actress & Voice Artist who has made appearances in Big Fat LiarThis is Us, and The Walking Dead. She is also a voice actor who has voiced many characters in Family Guy. She started with smaller roles in not-so-famous movies and guest-starring on various TV shows. Her road to fame was long but paid off.

In September 2015, Breckenridge married guitarist Casey Hooper. In September 2016, they welcomed their first child, a son named Jack. In December 2017, their second child, a daughter named Billie, was born.

Michael Weatherly’s niece, Breckenridge, is an actress. For her on-screen projects, she conceals her tattoos with make-up, but not during photo shoots.

FAQs About Alexandra Breckenridge:

  • Is Alexandra Breckenridge her real name?

Bridgeport, Connecticut, United States of America Alexandra Hetherington Pamela Breckenridge is Alexandra Hetherington’s full name. She is an actress from the United States. She began her acting career in the teen comedies Big Fat Liar (2002) and She’s the Man (2003). (2006).

  • How did Alexandra Breckenridge meet her husband?

Alexandra Breckenridge and her husband, Casey Hooper, need a place to call home more than anyone. Casey, whom she met at a Grammys after-party when they both lived in California, was wrapping up years of touring the world as Katy Perry’s lead guitarist.

  • How many tattoos does Alexandra Breckenridge have?

Alexandra has three tattoos: a fairy on her calf, another fairy on her upper back, and a swirl on her shoulder. She hides the majority of her tattoos while working, but they are occasionally visible at awards shows.

  • How much does Alexandra Breckenridge make?

Breckenridge has a net worth of $2 million (£1.4 million), according to Celebrity Net Worth. According to the website Celeb Worth, this is worth $2.5 million (£1.6 million) in 2020. According to the latter, she earns around $336,000 (£247,000) per year and around $28,000 (£20,000) per month.

  • What are the hobbies of Alexandra Breckenridge?

Alexandra loves acting, singing, playing tennis, and has a keen interest in photography as well.

Alexandra Breckenridge‘s Social Profile:

  • Alexandra Breckenridge’s Official Twitter:- Follow Her
  • Alexandra Breckenridge’s Official Instagram:- Follow Her


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