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Tanish Alladi Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Career, Relationship, Net Worth



Tanish Alladi Biography

Tanish, who made his mark as a Tollywood actor, is a well-known personality in Telugu films. Tanish is also known as a child artist. Tanishk has been engaged in his career since 1998 till now. Tanish started his film career in Telugu film, and he has also been a television actor. He has also made his mark in Bigg Boss Telugu 2, and it was ranked third in Bigg Boss Telugu 2. Tanishka’s television career passed as a child artist so let’s know about Tameez’s biography, family career height, weight, and network.

Tanish Alladi Biography & Wiki 

Born on 7 September 1991, Tanishq is also known for Bigg Boss Telugu 2. Tanish started his film career in childhood, so he is also recognized as a child artist. 

Tanishk is a well-known face of the Telugu industry. Tanishk was born in Eluru city of Andhra Pradesh and spent his childhood in Hyderabad. Tanish did his schooling at Sri Sai Ram High School in Hyderabad, And Tanish did his bachelor’s degree from St. Mary’s Degree College Hyderabad. 

In which he got B. Tech degree and then Tanish did IIT Sri Chaitanya college Andhra Pradesh Sher’s and Tanishs first debut film Nachavule in 2008. They belong to the same Hindu family, and they like to work out. They have no affair with anyone.

Tanishq’s father’s name was Alladi Yesuvardhan Babu, an army officer by profession, and his mother’s name was Saraswati. Tanish also has brothers Whose name is Khushwant Raj Alladi, Alladi Vamsi Krishna, and nothing is known about his sister. Kanit was fond of acting since childhood. Still, he had no idea of ​​making a career in acting.

That’s why he also did IIT, then later he thought it right to make his acting career, and he became an actor by taking drama class.

Who is Tanish Alladi

Full Name Tanish Alladi
Nick Name Tanish
Age 26 Years
Date Of Birth 7 September 1991
Mother Tongue Telugu
Religion Hinduism
Nationality India
Zodiac Sign Libra
Home Town Eluru, West Godavari, India
Residence Hyderabad, India
Profession Actor
Marital Status Unmarried
Debut Prema Katha(Child actor, 1999 ) 
Father Name Alladi Yesuvardhan Babu
Mother Name Saraswathi
Brothers – Alladi Vamsi Krishna -Alladi Kasi Viswanath
Hair Colour Black
Eye Colour Black
Weight 80 kg
Net Worth $2 Million 

Tanish Alladi Birthday

Every year on 7 September, Panish makes his heart with his family siblings, and friends with pomp in 2021. He is 30 years old, and he is a well-known face of Telugu film, and Tanish has been working as a television actor as a child artist. 

Tanish Alladi Age

Tanish is only 30 years old, and he is a male Tanish has spent his childhood in Hyderabad Tanish is recognized as a child artist. 

Tanish Alladi Height & Weight 

Tanish’s height is 5 feet 7 inches, and his weight is 75 kg. He keeps his health fit, for which Tanish also does exercise.

Tanish Alladi Family and Relationship

Tanish was born in Andhra Pradesh, Kanit belongs to a Hindu family, and he grew up in Hyderabad. Tanish’s father’s name was Alladi Yesurdhan babu, who worked in the army, and Tanish’s mother’s name was Saraswati. 

Tanish, a homemaker, also has Alladi Vamsi Krishna and Alladi Kasi Viswanath. There is no news about Tanish’s sister yet, and Who can say that he has no sister. 

Tanish is currently single, and he is not dating anyone, and not much news is public about Tanish’s relationship status. That’s why we can’t say anything about his relationship status. If we get any such information regarding Tanishq, we will share it with you.

Tanish Alladi Career

Tanish’s career started as a child artist in his childhood when he was just eight years old, and his first debut movie was Prem Katha which was made in 1999. 

Tanish worked in many movies like Pandavulu Tummeda, Em Pillow, Em Pillado, Nakshatra etc. and then Tanish entered Bigg Boss Telugu Season Two as a Celebrity Contestant in the year 2018.

In 2017, 23 were found guilty in a drug case in controversy. Tanish had two successful films named Nachavule and ride in two thousand eight and nine.

 And then in the year 2012, two more films by Tanishq came, whose name was a film named Neeti Taylor Mem Vayasuku Vacham. In the same year, another movie of Tanishk came, Chanakyudu, in which his co-star Isha Dutta and the director of that film was Gottenganti.

In 2013, Tanish worked as director Avinash O Sridhar’s film, co-starring Ramayana Office. In 2017, Tanishk’s film was directed by Krishna Vamshi named Nakshatram, which was successful.

Tanish Alladi Net Worth

Tanish’s film career started from his childhood, and when he was only eight years old, his first debut film came in 1999. Tanishka has spent her entire childhood acting.

He has become a massive name in the Telugu industry, and Tanish is a well-known face of the Telugu industry. 

Talking about Tanish’s net worth, he is the owner of 2 million dollars, and he also has a good brand of his vehicles. Tanish’s life is going very well, and he has been working in a film career from 1999 till now.


  • What is the age of Tanish Alladi?

Tanish is only 30 years old, and he is a male Tanish has spent his childhood in Hyderabad Tanish is recognized as a child artist

  • Who is the father of Tanish Alladi?

Tanish’s father’s name was Alladi Yesurdhan Babu, who worked in the army and Tanish’s mother’s name was Saraswati.

  • Is Tanish in a relationship? 

Tanish is currently single. He is not dating anyone, and not much news is public about Tanish relationship status

  • What is the name of the Nachavule movie hero? 

The name of the Nachavule movie hero is Tanish Alladi, and he is a Telugu film industry actor. 

  • What is the net worth of Tanish Alladi?

He is the owner of 2 million dollars, and he also has a good brand of his vehicles. Tanish’s life is going very well, and he has been working in a film career since 1999.


Tanish’s Alladi Official Social Profile:


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