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Simon Biles Net Worth

Simone Arianne Biles, also known as Simon Biles, is an American artistic gymnast born 14 March 1997 in Columbus, Ohio, United States. She has 32 medals in total from both the World Championships and Olympics. She is one of the most renowned and dominant gymnasts of all time. Simon Biles has the most World gold medals (19) and most World medals (25). Biles is the female gymnast with the most World all-around titles, which are 5 in total.

As she is the greatest of all time, she deserves all the recognition, wealth, and virtues. As of now, it is known that Simone Biles’s net worth is 6 million U.S. dollars which is a sizable and reasonable amount for her to carry out her Training and practices. 

What Is Simon Biles’s Net Worth?

Net Worth: $6 million
Source of Wealth: Gymnasting
Profession: Gymnast
Nationality: African American
Born: 14 March 1997
Age: 24 years
Height: 4ft 6 inches
Full Name: Simone Arianne Biles
Last Updated: 2021

Simon Biles Biography & Wiki

Simone was born in Columbus, and both of her biological parents were struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism. As a result, her father left their family. It was hard for her mother to take care of four children, one Simone, and three siblings. After that, Simone and her sister Adria spent three years together in foster care, and later her maternal grandfather Ron Biles and her wife Nellie adopted Simone and Adria. Ron Biles’s sister adopted her other two siblings. Ron Biles is a former air traffic controller and an Air Force veteran.

Nellie is a trained nurse who owned and operated several nursing homes in Houston.


Both Ron and Nellie secure their future and give them a perfect home for their upbringing, situated in Spring, Texas. Even though they are not their biological parents, Simone and Adria consider them their mother and father. Since childhood, she was a very energetic kid who loved to run and jump, and often she went to the gym and gymnastic practices

Simone Biles got fame in 2013 when she appeared in the world championship and managed to get two medals just at the age of 16, including an all-around title, and just by then; she got better and better as she got 4 medals in 2014 and four in 2015 also. There are so many things that excite and impress the readers, like she was the first American African woman to get the title of all-around. At the Rio de Janeiro Olympics, held in 2016, Biles became the first female U.S. gymnast who won four gold medals at a single Games.

Simon Biles Personal Life

When she was just six years old, she went to the gym and saw other gymnasts practicing gymnastics. She was so invested in learning everything that older gymnasts did that she successfully learned all the feet work. When the coaches saw that, they sent a note regarding the regular gymnast practices, and soon she began her training program at Bannon’s Gymnastic with Coach Aimee Boorman in Houston, and she remained there for 11 long years.

Earlier, Simone’s life was not just full of good things; some incidents in her life were not happy.

She has a documentary series on Facebook titled Simone V/S Herself. In one episode, Simone opened up about the sexual assault that took place in her life. The former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar is the disgraceful man responsible for all the suffering that Biles had to go through. In 2018, he was sentenced to life in federal prison. It was not only for Simones’s case; there were multiple criminal counts of sexual assault on the minor girls. 


But her life is now full of good things, now she is with NFL football player Jonathan Owens who has always been very supportive, and Biles is known to be living a good life with him. In many hard times, he proved how supportive and compassionate he is towards her. Simone was with Stacey Ervin Jr. but soon parted ways after three years.

Simon Biles Professional Life

After spending 11 years in the training program at Bannon’s Gymnastix with Coach Aimee Boorman in Houston, she made her first appearance in Houston’s junior national competition at the American Classic in 2011. She came third in the all-around competition and first in the vault. At her first world gymnastics championships, Biles won the all-around title as a senior competitor in 2013 and became the first African American who won the title. 

Biles captured four gold medals: in the women’s team competition and the individual all-around at the 2014 world championships and won the silver medal in the vault. 

In the U.S. in 2015, Biles claimed her third consecutive all-around title and became the first woman to accomplish that title since Kim Zmeskal in 1992. She got 10 gold medals at the world championship, which were the most won by a female gymnast in history.

 In the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro, Simone Biles was the one who took the United States to the gold and also won individual all-around titles.


 In 2018 she took a break from gymnastics and announced that she was a victim of sexual assault, and at the end of the same year, she was announced as the only female gymnast in the last 25 years to win all the five main events.

 She made history in 2019 also made history and added more prestigious titles to her sports career. In 2021 she did not participate in some events of the Tokyo Olympics as she was going through the “the twisties.” There are many phenomenal titles and history that Biles has made; all of them are commendable.

FAQs About Simon Biles:

  • How many hours a day does Simone Biles practice?

Biles practices seven hours a day.

  • What country does Simone Biles represent?

Simon represents the United States of America.

  • How many golds does Simone Biles have?

Simone Biles has many commendable accomplishments other than winning 19 gold medals.

  • Does Simone Biles have the most gold medals?

Biles is the gymnast with the most World gold medals (19) and most World medals (25).


Simon Biles’s Social Profile:

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