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What Does It Feel Like To Be In Love?

What Does It Feel Like To Be In Love

It is said that love is the most glorious feeling in this world. And the way you feel in love, you don’t feel anywhere else.

Well, you also can find people who will say exactly the opposite. They feel there is no feeling called ‘being in love,’ And they will describe something that sounds more like sexual passion and desire tinged with obsession.

While you feel charged and euphoric around that special person, some people consider love to be a state of mind or a hyped catchphrase used by teenagers and fiction writers.

It can be a huge debate topic as the feeling of love is different for different sets of people. But if the question is about the existence of being in love, would you believe if I say even the scientists have penned down that being in love brings in a different kind of feelings. The researchers have found that the brains in love look vastly different from the brains experiencing mere liking or lust.

What Does It Feel Like to Be in Love?

Love is indeed a complex emotion that triggers different brain chemicals at different stages of the relationship. Dopamine is the primary hormone associated with the beginning of any passionate relationship in the early stage. From there, the brain experiences the secretion of other chemicals, including serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin, that play a pivotal role in keeping two people connected.


Here I will share my personal experience about what does it feel like to be in love.

1. You Feel This One Is Special

You will meet numerous people in your life. Some of them will be a little likable while you may also like the others a little more. But whatever it may, the feeling of being in love will be different.

If you ask all those in love about what does it feel like to be in love, you will get one shared idea, and that is everyone thinks their beloved is unique. Everyone in love will be unable to feel romantic feelings for anyone else but their partner.

2. You Feel Positive About the One

People who are in love with their partner focus on the positive qualities of their beloved. They overlook his or her negative traits. And they also remember some trivial events and objects that remind them of their loved ones or make them daydream.

3. You Sense an Intensified Attraction 

There is nothing wrong with being attracted to the opposite gender. And if you can sense a dopamine rush inside your head seeing someone visually attractive, your nuts and bolts are just on point.

But if you ask me what it feels like to be in love, I must tell you that the sense of attraction towards the beloved will be a little intensified than the rest.


4. You Feel Emotionally Instable

This is quite common, and everyone in love knows that it often leads to emotional, physiological instability. Sometimes when your heart oscillates between euphoria, sleeplessness, trembling, accelerated breathing as well as panic, anxiety, and a feeling of despair when you are fighting with that special person- you are certainly in love.

At times, these mood swings can be remarkably similar to that of a drug addict, and indeed it is. When you see the picture of someone you like and fire up similarly as a drug addict takes a hit- you are in love.

5. You Miss Them 

When you love someone, you just cannot get enough of them. Even after being in a relationship for years, their absence leaves you feeling like a part of you is somewhere else. It’s healthy to spend time without each other and have personal time, but you just cannot stop looking forward to seeing them again when you are in love.

6. You Love Planning Your Future 

When you love someone, you look for a long emotional union with them. You seek out ways to get closer with your beloved and daydream about your future together. This drive will be like a person driving toward the most important thing we need to survive in our life, like water, because the future with the loved one is as necessary as anything else.

7. You Prioritize Them 

Prioritizing someone in your life is a major step to take. We meet many people in our lives who don’t even deserve to be prioritized, so if you are making a special space for someone in your life, it is because you have strong feelings for them.

When you prioritize someone, it means:

  • Their happiness and welfare become more important than your own.
  • You make time for them even when you are busy.
  • You make sacrifices to help them whenever they needed.

As a mother loves her children unconditionally and makes them her priority, she goes for romantic love. Because when a person is in love, he or she wants Their beloved to be happy.

8. You Feel Secure Around Them 

In our life, we all crave security and safety with another person. When you are in love, you will always feel secured around that person both physically and emotionally. You will be secured enough to speak your heart and mind and be yourself without fearing being judged.

If you really want to know what does it feel like to be in love, psychologists say it is feeling emotionally safe and internally relaxed with a person.


If you believe the ancient Greeks, love is the madness of gods. But the psychologists define love to be an emotional union with another person.

To be honest, when you ask anyone, they will provide you their definition of love. Three basic brain systems evolved for relationships:

  • Romantic attraction
  • Attachment
  • Sex drive

According to Helen Fisher, these three brain systems create many different forms of love, and that is why the definition differs from one person to another.

Let us know how you enjoyed reading this article. If you can’t stop thinking about someone and wondering if you are in love, don’t forget to write to us. Our experts may help you to comprehend if you are already in love!!



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