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Do You Want To Stay Happy Alone? HERE IS HOW…!

How to be happy alone

Happiness is a feeling we all know very well. We wake up early, do household chores, work in an office, meet new people, make friends- all because we want happiness at any cost.

People who love peace and quietness find staying alone to be an opportunity to enjoy. Do you remember when we were kids and when our parents used to leave us home alone while going out? 

Well, if you are like me, you must have ruled the house ever since you heard the door shut. The sense of unprecedented freedom of doing whatever you want for the next few hours was absolutely fantastic, isn’t it? 

This is a perfect example that we can stay happy even when alone. Many psychologists and psychotherapists, including me, believe that happiness comes from within. The person who finds happiness in himself does not need to look for happiness outside. 

But some people don’t want to stay alone as the feeling of loneliness hits them big time. The reason is simple, as we grew up. As people started entering our lives, we became very compatible with staying surrounded. But whatever it may, we all need some time for ourselves, to meet our responsibilities or sometimes simply to take some break from our hectic life schedule. 


If you are among those who want to have someone around the corner, I can understand how you feel. But what I think is we all need some alone time by making some social distancing. 

I know this can be a little challenging for the extroverts as they are socially active, and they love to keep in touch with friends. But despite anyone’s personal choices, we all have been forced to maintain social distancing. And it has changed our way of living and thinking. 

Why Staying Happy Alone Is Necessary? 

Before I tell you how to be happy alone, I should tell you why it is essential. Many people misinterpret the concept of staying happy alone. They wonder how staying alone can bring happiness or why it is even necessary to stay happy aloe when we have people around?

Well, let me tell you, psychology says happiness is a feeling which comes from within. And everything that happens to you or you see are just the stimulators of that happiness. 

People who don’t allow the outside world to impact their happiness are happy in real. Naturally happy people can build a good relationship with themselves and with others. 

Being alone is entirely different from being lonely. And if you learn how to be happy alone, you will never face loneliness. When you are happy when alone, you can celebrate every bit of your life as no outside force can impact you. 


How to Be Happy Alone? 

So, what to do to stay happy when alone? 

Well, you can do whatever makes you happy. I am sharing 5 things that you can try to start your self-happiness program.

Take Care of Your House 

It is hard to manage some time for tidying up our home, staying amidst a busy lifestyle. But when you are alone, you may indulge yourself in decluttering your home and redecorate it. Your home is where you are spending most of the time, and keeping it organized helps you feel relaxed and happy. 

Try New Exercises 

We all want to stay healthy, but very few of us really get up and work for a healthy life. If you are alone, you have ample time to try new things, such as new exercises. There are multiple YouTube videos and many fitness apps which will help you to learn new exercise routines. Trying them will not only make you happy but will also impact your fitness positively.

Create Something Valuable 

If you always thought about how to be happy alone, and you wondered how people who stay alone stay happy, you need to know this. Creative people think that the best way to stay happy alone is to spend time creating something that can bring joy. 

Either you want to write a novel, publish a self-help book, or paint a landscape for your bedroom, everything brings joy to you. And you can pursue your creative side, staying aloof only. 


Treat Yourself to A Date

Who says that you cannot enjoy a movie or eat alone all by yourself? If you want to go out and explore new eateries, you can do that. If you want to cook your favorite dishes at home and treat yourself to a hot date, you will also be happy in the end. Spending time with yourself will help you to know yourself better and become comfortable in being alone. 

Reduce Unnecessary Consumption 

It is essential to stay aware of world events but becoming addicted to news, and current events can sink your mood. If you want to know how to be happy alone, limit your news consumption to a few articles per day. There is no reason to feed your mind with depressing news stories for hours. 

If you love to watch television, that is fine, but spending all your free hours in front of the television or Netflix will not help you feel better. Read classic novels, visit the local community theater, and pursue your hobbies in your leisure. It will help you to upkeep a healthy mind and body. 


Many things can bring you happiness. And being alone, you are blessed to enjoy the full chunk of happiness all by yourself. If we change our perspective a little bit, it might help us to understand things better. 

In the race of life, we sometimes forget self-care, gratitude, exercise, and all the positive things that matter. If you are alone, try all the things mentioned above one after another, without waiting for a perfect time to come. You can opt for a therapy session even when you are not at a crisis point. A therapist helps you get better, which is also an excellent way to spend time alone. 

Well, whatever you do, stay happy, stay healthy, and stay contented.



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