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Chartered Accountants (CA) Day: Quotes, Wishes, Messages with Images (1st July)

Chartered Accountants (CA) Day

On July 1st, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India was born. ICAI was founded a year before the country’s constitution was enacted. And ICAI is among the firstborn professional institutions in the country. It is also the second leading professional accounting and finance network globally.

If we talk regarding the number of members, it has a current roaster of 2.5L members or more. ICAI is the regulatory and licensing body for the accounting profession and financial audit in India.

From the companies, accounting organizations to the national financial reporting authority abide by the recommendations of ICAI. Every year on July 1st, the nation celebrates ICAI foundation day, or it is also called Chartered Accountants Day.

Why CA Day Celebrated?

Chartered accountant as a profession existed even before the independence. In 1913 the British government in India passed the Companies Act. The act prescribed a list of books that every company must preserve that are registered under the act. The act also recommended appointing an auditor who will have the power to audit those books.


Five years later, a diploma course in accountancy was introduced in Mumbai. The course had the same pattern as the modern-day CA course would have. After completing this three-year course, one can practice as an auditor all over the nation.

In 1930 the Indian government decided to maintain a register of accountants and titled them “Registered accountant.” However, through these processes, the profession of an accountant remained and regulated until the government created an expert committee in 1948 to enhance the regulations. By then, many members in the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales started calling themselves Chartered Accountants. 

Though disagreements were surrounding the term, the popularity of the same grown. Later, “chartered accountant” became the preferred title instead of a registered accountant. Since then, on July 1st, the nation observes ICAI foundation day or CA Day.

Facts About ICAI You Must Know:

  • ICAI is the second-biggest accounting organization in the world, after the American Institute of certified public accountants.
  • There is no reservation in ICAI, and the organization does not follow any reservation criteria.
  • The official emblem of the organization is Upanishad quotes by Shri Aurobindo and the Garuda.
  • Shri Gopaldas Padamse Kapadia was the 1st person to get ICAI certified, and he is also the president of ICAI.
  • It is also the oldest professional body in India that came in the being in 1949.

CA – Chartered Accountants Day Quotes

“CA means Can-do Attitude. I may fail, but I would not give up because I believe I can.”

CA Day Best Quotes

“The economy may look tricky to the common man, but for a CA, it is a simple mathematical equation.”

Quotes on CA Day

“CA study course in India is not the toughest study course. It’s for them who are the toughest, the determined.”

Best Quotes For CA Day

“Someone asked, “Does CA mean Can Anybody?” A CA replied, “Yes, and I don’t think I just can, I know I will.”

CA Day Best Quotes

“Chartered Accountants are the ones who create economies, create finances to rely on, create opportunities to grow.”

Famous Quotes on CA Day

“CA means to challenge it, achieve it, loop it. I am a Chartered Accountant.”

CA Day Quotes For CA Aspirants

“A very happy CA Day to all CA Fraternity members and aspirants too.”

Best Quotes About CA Day

“Constant hard work, focus, commitment and dedication are the ingredients that go into making a Chartered Accountant.”

Best Quotes On Chartered Accountant Day

“It is certainly a great honour to be a CA because you are contributing in so many ways towards the growth and strength of your country.”

Best CA Day Quotes For CA

“Chartered accountants are one of the most important people in the economies because they rely on the finances for a country to grow. Warm wishes on CA Day to you.”

Best Quotes CA Day

CA Day Best Wishes & Sayings

Don’t get disheartened. I, too, had failed in CA, and I am happy today as I chose to reappear. Don’t listen to people who say you can’t do it. Happy Chartered Accountant Day.

Best Wishes On CA Day

From the Balance sheet of humanity to the Profit & Loss account of emotions, I am all in good books. I am a Chartered Accountant. Happy Chartered Accountant Day.


CA Day Best Wishes

Don’t treat yourself as if you have failed. Take it as a challenge and come up with more enthusiasm and a robust study plan, Happy Chartered Accountant Day.

Best Sayings For CA Day

The ones who would not be becoming members of the fraternity, I have a message for them. Happy Chartered Accountant Day.

Happy CA Day Wishes

Flying Top Of The World, Contribute to Make Our Career, Contribute in fulfilling our dreams Etc… We are proud to be part of ICAI.

Best Sayings About CA Day

CA Day Best Messages & Slogans

  • “It is truly an honor to be a CA because you are in some way contributing to strengthening the economy of your country…. Happy CA Day.”
  • “Without CA’s, no company can function, no business can grow, no country can prosper…. Cheers to all the Chartered Accountants on CA Day.”
  • “Chartered Accountants are the ones who create economies, create finances to rely on, create opportunities to grow…. Best wishes on CA Day to the CA’s.”
  • “On the occasion of CA Day, I am sending you best wishes to the hard-working, inspiring Chartered Accountants who make every penny count.”
  • “It is a day of pride for every Chartered Accountant…. It is the day of joy and celebration for every CA in the country…. Happy CA Day to all the CA’s.”

CA Day Best Images, Wallpapers, Photos, Pictures, & Photos

1st July CA Day Pics

Best Images For CA Day

CA Day Images

CA Day Images

Images About CA Day

Summing Up:

Chartered accountancy is not only about debit and credit of an account, but it has a more critical role to play in nation-building. The part of Chartered Accountants in business organizations is essential. Regardless of the size and nature of a business, everyone needs Chartered Accountants in every step of their business. 

The area of responsibilities of a CA is from preparing financial statements, auditing to developing financial plans and tax filings. So, it is essential to acknowledge the importance of a chartered accountant for all business organizations as well as in the Indian economy.


We celebrate CA Day every year on July 1st. Every organization has chartered accountants, and they have their own way to celebrate the day, such as some organizations conduct activities for their Chartered Accountants.

But, whatever it may, the importance of the day is to acknowledge the financial expertise of Chartered Accountants as the nation gets the right direction in various financial and economic measures and protects the decaying Indian economy.

This Happy National CA Day or Chartered Accountants Day, take some time to wish all the Chartered Accountants you know.

Send them CA Day Quotes, Wishes & Messages and also motivate them to do more in their profession. Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam said that Chartered Accountants are the partners in the nation-building, and we also believe they are. 



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