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Shahrukh Khan Net Worth in Rupees, Crores, Million, Billion & USD Dollars

Shahrukh Khan Net Worth

Before we talk about Shahrukh Khan Net Worth, let’s google “World’s most famous actor”. What did Google answer? It’s one and only Shahrukh Khan!

You travel to any corner of the world and you will come to know that if people in foreign land know Bollywood and Indian movies, it’s all because of Shahrukh Khan. One of the most versatile and dynamic actors in India and Bollywood’s most precious gift. 

Khan is considered to be the “King of Bollywood” and he has done more than 80 movies. If we talk about his awards and recognitions, I guess the article will not be enough to cover that. But in a nutshell, SRK bagged 14 Filmfare awards along with Padma Shri, Ordre der Arts et der Letters, and Legion of Honour. 

Net Worth of Shahrukh Khan Is Much More Than You Can Imagine:

Shahrukh Khan Net Worth: $700 Million USD

Shahrukh Khan Net Worth in Rupees: (5067 Crore Rupees)

Now, let’s come back to his net worth. Any guesses? Well, the Shahrukh Khan Net worth is said to be not less than $700 million, making him one of the Richie-rich of Bollywood. Let’s have a look at SRK’s early life and his struggles. 


SRK and His Initial Struggles

I’m sure after reading this section, you will realize how small and nominal your struggles are. Shahrukh Khan Born on 2nd November 1965 in New Delhi, Shahrukh Khan prefers to write his name as Shah Rukh Khan

He attended St. Columbia’s School in central Delhi where he explored his interest in sports but due to a shoulder injury, he had to drop his interest in sports, and probably because of this, we got our favorite superstar. 

SRK debuted in an Indian TV Series ‘Fauji” in 1989 which showcased the training of army cadets. SRK played the role of Abhimanyu Rai in the TV series. After this, he appeared in quite a few more TV series.  

It was in 1991 when king Khan decided to appear in the movies. It was the same year when his mother Late Lateef Fatima Khan passed away due to diabetic complications. After waiting for 2 years, it was 1993 when SRK was to be launched into the film industry. 

One amazing thing here is that our SRK entered into the Bollywood industry as an anti-hero and mind you, he nailed the definition of anti-hero. With the dynamic roles of an obsessive lover in Darr and a murderer in Bazigar, Shah Rukh Khan changed the meaning of villain and raise the standards of an anti-hero. 

For Dar, SRK received a nomination for the Filmfare Award for Best Performance in a Negative Role (Best Villain Award). With this, the journey of SRK in the Bollywood industry kicked off and since then he never looked back. 


We are not wrong to say that he is the most dynamic and versatile actor in Bollywood. While 1993 is known as SRK’s anti-hero journey, it was 1995-98 when SRK told the world that he can romance better than anyone in the industry. 

With movies like Karan-Arjun, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, Yes Boss, Pardes, Dil Toh Pagal Hai, Duplicate, Dil Se, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai SRK went big with one movie after the other. 

Do you know Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge became that year’s highest-grossing production in India and overseas and went on to become the all-time blockbuster by Box office India? Also, if you happen to visit the Maratha Mandir theatre in Mumbai, then you will be astounded to know that Dil Wale Dulhania Le Jayenge still runs in the theatre after more than 1000 weeks (as of 2015). 

With every movie, SRK’s popularity just went big. He attracted not only movie buffs but critics. Badshah was one movie that did not very well in Bollywood, but SRK is seen with Twinkle Khaana, and with his comedy from time to time, he won the hearts of many. 

Is SRK Only an Actor?

While the list goes on and on about his movie career, SRK didn’t stop after being Bollywood’s favorite actor. Khan co-produced 3 movies from 1999-2003. He and his wife Gauri restructured the company as Red Chillies Entertainment

From an actor to a producer, from a TV show host to a special guest in many award shows, SRK is has done it all, and mind you, he did amazing!


As I said he was a sports enthusiast but due to his shoulder injury he couldn’t make a career out of it. But after working hard and winning the hearts of billions of people from around the world, he revived his madness for sports and built up a team in the Indian Premier LeagueKolkata Knightriders!

Shahrukh Khan Quotes

“There might come a point when you’ll feel lonely. That is when your creativity will be like your best friend.”

“It’s okay to be confused. Confusion is the route to all the clarity in the world.”

“My biggest achievement is that I can make a lot of people smile just by my presence.”

“After the release when the fan didn’t do well, I cried a lot because the fan was really special.”

“Don’t let the past blackmail your present to ruin a beautiful future.”


Summing Up:

I believe no article and no one can actually highlight what SRK has been through and what all he has achieved with time. This is why the net worth of Shahrukh Khan deserves to be $600 million (roughly). 

What we need to learn from SRK is that never stop, never look back, and always keep testing your own limits. First, he went on to become a powerful and versatile actor, after that he tried his hands-on production and stage hosting. Amazing isn’t it? 


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