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10 Types of Motivation To Facilitate You To Attain Your Goals

Types of Motivation

If no one has ever told you that motivation is the key to achieve everything while working towards your dreams, let me do that. In this article, we will talk about types of motivation and how they help you succeed in life.

You need at least one of the ten types of motivation to fuel your aspirations to turn into achievements. Because if you don’t have any drive to achieve things, either you will see no progress in it, or you will give up on your dreams.

If you love to dream and looking forward to achieving your goals, I am here to help. I will finely define each type of motivation and let you know where to use them to reach your goals.

Types of Motivation:

There are two major types of motivation:

1. Intrinsic Motivation:

This is when your internal factors motivate you to meet your personal needs and goals. We only do things that we enjoy and not those that we have to do.


Intrinsic means something inside of yourself or something internal. An intrinsically motivated person can enjoy any interest, be it study, skill development, a job, or anything for that matter.

2. Extrinsic Motivation:

This is when the external factors motivate you. These factors are generally controlled by others. You will understand this better with an example. If you seek a good salary hike at your workplace, your colleagues’ success will motivate you.

This type of motivation is everywhere in society and is used broadly in many verticals.

When you get motivated to achieve, perform, and learn on a highly considered outcome, you perform the task rather than finding fun in your personal fulfillment. 

Other Minor Yet Important Forms of Motivation 

Well, either it is the major types of motivation or some minor ones, all can help you to achieve your goals in the end. Now when you have learned about the two most important types of motivation, I want to mention a few more types of motivation that can influence your life.

3. Reward-Based Motivation:

Reward-based motivation is generally utilized at workplaces. In this type of motivation, the person knows that they will receive some reward to achieve the goal. They look forward to doing something big at the end of the task. And the reward makes them more determined to receive whatever is promised. In this case, the better the reward, the stronger the motivation.


4. Achievement Based Motivation:

People who generally seek higher positions, roles, fame at work, and other areas of life, get motivated by this type of motivation.

Achievement-based motivation focuses on rewarding the person after meeting a goal. And this type of motivation gives the feeling of accomplishment to the person working for it. Achievement-based motivation is extremely helpful to reach your personal goals.

5. Competition Based Motivation:

It is the drive that motivates a person to perform better than someone else. Competition-based motivation is for those seeking mastery in their job and who take pride in using their problem-solving skills when confronted with obstacles.

This type of motivation works for people, such as cardiac surgeons and other professions where tasks are challenging.

6. Power Based Motivation:

The perfect example of power-based motivation in the real world can be seen in Nazi Germany. Well, that opposes the moral obligation or code. Still, power-based motivation can be positive if you use it positively in your life.

Power-based motivation influences people who want to impact their organization and are willing to take risks to do so.


7. Fear-Based Motivation:

This type of motivation drives people into action who fears the consequences. It can be considered as a negative motivator if you are not motivated by the reward at the end. Still, you are into action to avoid the pain or consequences.

Though fear motivation sounds bad, it can actually be used positively to keep yourself productively moving forward.

8. Social Motivation:

Humans are social animals, and social motivation is a motivation when a person is motivated by social factors such as acceptance and belonging. Humans who are motivated by this type of motivation seek connections to a social group by contributing something.

9. Creative Motivation:

Many people are motivated by creativity. Creative motivation helps a person to express themselves. In such motivation, a person feels compelled to create something such as acting in a movie, playing guitar, or write a book.

10. Incentive Motivation:

People who are motivated to achieve more rewards than just achieving the goal are driven by incentive motivation. In this, the person gets motivated to persuade the task and take action to exceed what’s expected.

For example, a sales professional who is looking for higher-earning exceeds the sales target and contributes more to the organization to achieve more incentives over his salary.


What Is the Best Motivation Strategy? 

The best type of motivational strategy is to blend multiple types together. When you utilize different types of motivation in different places, you achieve more. But to help you deal with different situations with the best-suited types of motivation, I have made the following chart.

For Professionals:

  • Incentive motivation
  • Power motivation
  • Creative motivation
  • Achievement based motivation
  • Competition based motivation

For Students:

  • Achievement based motivation
  • Competition based motivation
  • Incentive motivation
  • Creative motivation


Technically all types of motivation are either extrinsic or intrinsic. But all of them have a common goal, which is to help you succeed. Each type of motivation has its own motivating factor. You can use one, two, or more to achieve optimal motivation levels and reach your goals. Make sure that you understand when and where you can use each one. I hope you enjoyed learning about the 10 types of motivation from this article.

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