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Kevin Samuels Biography, Wiki, Birthday, Age, Height, Wife, Career, Net Worth & More



Kevin Samuels Biography
Kevin Samuels Bio

Known as an American website imagery expert and online media Prabhakar, Kevin Samuels hails from the US. Kevin attended Millwood High School in his hometown, USA. In addition, Kevin attended the University of Oklahoma with degrees in chemical engineering in 1987 and 1991.Read more about Kevin Samuels’s Biography. 

Between December 2005 and May 2009, Kevin served as Business Development Manager at The Office Depot Company. So today, we will know about some interesting facts related to the life of the Kabin.

Who is Kevin Samuels? 

Born on March 13, 1965, in America, Kevin is a YouTube and Social Media Influencer Dating Expert and Image Consultant by profession. Kevin is most recognized as a motivational speaker. Kevin’s thinking is like the new generation. He keeps himself fit. He keeps his very dress stylist.

Let us tell you that this young-looking youth of America, i.e. Kevin, has not told anyone about his actual age, people have tried many times to find out his age, but they have failed Kevin himself too much. They Show abs, and the stylist makes him look a tad young. The cabinet maintains the heavy look very well. Kevin is a social media influencer, and he has a huge fan following on social media.


Kevin completed his schooling at Millwood, and after that, Kevin has wholly devoted himself to his career. Kevin And has emerged as a motivational speaker and a YouTube and Social Media Influencer. Kevin has a lot of good money deposits, which they have amassed from the most significant online presence. 

Biography of Kevin Samuels

Biography of Kevin Samuels

Kevin Samuels Biography

Name Kevin Samuels
Date of Birth March 13, 1971
Age 49 years
Home Town Oklahoma, USA
Gender Male
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Relationship Status Divorced
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black
Sexuality Straight
Address Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Profession Image Consultant, Entrepreneur
Religion Christianity
Siblings One
Children 1 daughter
Net Worth $6 million
Latest Update 2022

Kevin Samuels Birthday 

Born on March 13, 1971, Kevin is from America; Kevin makes his birthday on March 13 every year.

Kevin Samuels Age

As of March 13, 1971, in 2021, Kevin’s age is 56 years, although nothing is known about Kevin’s actual age.

He has kept his age unknown, and Kevin supports himself very stylistic, and he believes in the thinking of today’s generation.

Kevin Samuels Height and Weight

Kevin’s height is 6 feet 2 inches, and his weight is 65 kg. Kevin looks very fit and stylish in appearance.

Kevin Samuels Career

Kevin is an American YouTuber, Dating Expert, Life Coach, and Image Consultant Kevin is most recognized as a motivational speaker who works to bring people distracted by attention to their rightful place.


Kevin is a stylist and a man with a good dress-off; Kevin’s YouTube journey started in 2016, while Kevin created his channel in 2015 and then became recognized on YouTube only as a megastar who makes people dress nicely.

Shares knowledge about you and sound senses. Kevin is a well-known social media influencer, and star on YouTube Kevin’s journey before is full of struggles. He has struggled a lot earlier in his life. Kevin also worked in a company that can say competition. Their life was complete!

Kevin Samuels Family

Born in America on March 13, 1965, Kevin is a motivational speaker born in Atlanta, America. In 2021, the age of the cabinet was only 56 years, and he looked very young. Kevin has hidden his actual age, and at the same time.

He has not shared the information about his parents with anyone, so nothing is known about his family if Kevin’s parents are in the future. If we get any information related to this, we will tell you. 

Kevin Samuels Relationship

A 56-year-old young-looking Influencer Kevin is said to be unmarried, but let him tell you that according to the news, Kevin was married ten years ago, but due to some domestic dispute. Kevin demanded a divorce from his wife, and they got divorced let us tell you one more surprise this motivational speaker has been married not once but twice, and they broke up from both places.


The person who inspires people to motivate, his personal life is very scattered. Although he only does not share any information about his personal life with anyone. According to the report, we have come to know about this. Kevin also has a daughter, and he was not dating anyone in 2021. He has no girlfriend, and we will tell you if we get any updates related to this. 

Kevin Samuels Net Worth 

Kevin has many earning sources. He is also a Professional Social Media Influencer on YouTube, Megastar Motivational Speaker, and Image Consultant. He makes money from everywhere. Most Kevin is increasing his business by online presence, and his annual income is the highest online earning if talking about Kevin’s net worth is 5 Million Dollars. 

Kevin Samuels Bio

Kevin Samuels Bio

Kevin Samuels Media Profiles:

  •  Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
Kevin Samuels
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn


  • Is Kevin Semuels married? 

Let us tell you that this motivational speaker has been married twice, but none of his marriages lasted. Due to domestic disputes, he got divorced from his wife.

  • Is Kevin Samuels a daughter? 

According to the report, we have come to know that Kevin has a daughter, he was not dating anyone in 2021, and he does not have any girlfriend.

  • How tall is Kevin Samuels? 

Kevin’s height is 6 feet 2 inches, and his weight is 65 kg. Kevin looks very fit and stylish in appearance. 

  • What is his Net Worth of Kevin? 

Most Kevin is increasing his business by online presence, and his annual income is the highest online earning if talking about Kevin’s net worth is 4 Million Dollars 

  • What is the age of Kevin Samuels? 

As of March 13, 1971, in 2021, the age of Kevin is 56 years, although nothing is known about Kevin’s actual age.


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