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Floyd Mayweather Net Worth, Source of Income, Earnings, Professional and Personal Life



Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. is a former American professional boxer and currently works as a professional boxing promoter. His career as a professional in-ring boxer lasted for about 19 years. But he did make a single match surprise comeback in the year 2017. He has won 15 biggest world boxing championships, whether it was super featherweight or light-middleweight.

He was given the name “Fighter of the decade” in 2010 by the Boxing Writer Association of America. He was also ranked as an outstanding boxer by ESPN in 2016 after his jaw-dropping performances in the recent matches.

Floyd Mayweather is the most elite name in the sports industry and holds a net worth of about 450 million dollars. This amount makes him the wealthiest boxer in the whole history of professional boxers. He has made more than 1 billion dollars in his entire career, making him the 5th highest-paid athlete in the whole world. Other than him, there are only five other athletes in the whole world who have earned more than 1 billion dollars in their entire career.

What Is Floyd Mayweather’s Net Worth?

Net Worth: $450 million
Source of Wealth: Boxing, Promoting, Business
Profession: Former Boxer, Current professional boxing promoter.
Nationality: American
Born: 24th of February, 1977
Age: 44 years
Height: 5ft 8 inches
Full Name: Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr.
Last Updated: 2021

Floyd Mayweather Biography & Wiki

Floyd took birth on the 24th of February, 1977. He took delivery in the city of Grand Rapids, Michigan, in a family full of boxers. His father’s name is Floyd Mayweather Sr., and he used to be a boxer as well. He was a welterweight competitor. Jeff and late Roger Mayweather are his two uncles who were professional boxers as well. Mayweather took the last name of her mother while taking birth but then changed it to Mayweather again. His mother’s family belonged to Kingston, Jamaica, and he attended Ottawa High School there before dropping out.

Floyd had an affection towards boxing since childhood, and her grandmother saw it and denied him any other job. He had a rough and poor childhood with her mother, who was a drug addict. His father also ignored him most of the time, and this led him to raise himself.

Floyd Mayweather Personal Life

Mayweather lives in his custom-built mansion in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada. His mansion is spread around 2,000 m2 of the area and consists of five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. He also recorded a rap song for his entrance in the fight against Big Show at WrestleMania XXIV. Floyd also owns a gym based on the theme of boxing, called the “Mayweather Boxing Club.” It is located on the Chinatown Plaza in the city of Las Vegas.

Floyd paid the total amount of a funeral. The funeral was of his former opponent Genaro Hernandez, who was the former super lightweight world champion. He died in the year 2011 after fighting cancer for about a time of three years. He has five children, among which four are his biological children, and one is his adopted child. He had three of his children with Josie Harris and one with Melissa Brim.

Floyd Mayweather Professional Life

The professional career of Mayweather took flight in the year 1996 when he won his first professional bout by knocking out Roberto Apodaca. At that time, his uncle trained him. Fast forward to the year 1998, and he won his first world title, was the WBC super featherweight. He gained that title after technically knocking out Genaro Hernandez, the 1st ranked super featherweight of The Ring World.

After that, he went ahead to win many titles all around the world. He won the BWAA Fighter of the Year award three times, the Best fighter ESPY award six times. After which, he was stated as the greatest pound-for-pound boxer by the most credible athletic content publisher, ESPN.

Career as an Entertainer

On the 17th of February, 2008, he played his part on the WWE’s pay-per-view of No Way Out in Las Vegas, Nevada. With this single match, he earned nearly 23.8 million dollars, among which 20 million dollars was for the fit itself, and the additional amount was the royalties per PPV buys. He was also the guest host of RAW in 2009, and the event was in Las Vegas. He went there as a host but got tangled up in the middle of the fight, and he ended up knocking Chris Jericho out in the ring.

He also made an appearance in Dancing with the Star’s fifth season. He partnered with Karina Smirnoff, a Ukrainian-American professional ballroom dancer. Karina and Floyd were eliminated at the fourth position, ranking as the ninth team on the show, on the 16th of October, 2007.

Notable Titles

Some of the most notable titles of his career as a boxer are as below:

  • WBC super featherweight champion (130 lbs)
  • WBC lightweight champion (135 lbs)
  • WBC super lightweight champion (140 lbs)
  • IBF welterweight champion (147 lbs)
  • WBC welterweight champion (147 lbs) (2×)
  • WBA (Super) welterweight champion (147 lbs)
  • WBO welterweight champion (147 lbs)
  • WBC light middleweight champion (154 lbs) (2×)
  • WBA (Super) light middleweight champion (154 lbs)

FAQs About Floyd Mayweather:

  • What are the legal actions that he has suffered from?

Floyd was charged with two counts of domestic violence and another one for misdemeanor battery in 2002. He was also sued for defamation for calling Katie Couric a drug abuser. The case was put up by Josie Harris in 2015 and remained pending until the year 2017.

  • In which year did Floyd win his first Olympic medal?

In 1996, Floyd entered his first Olympics in Atlanta and went out of the stadium with a bronze medal after reaching the featherweight division’s semifinals.

  • What is the name of his firm?

In 2006, Floyd founded his very own boxing promotional firm. He named it “Mayweather Promotions” based on his family name.

  • In which movies have Floyd appeared till today?

The movies in which Mayweather has appeared till today are as follows:

  1. More than Famous
  2. The World Awaits
  3. Think like a man too
  4. When Love Kills: The Falicia Blakely Story
  5. All-Star Weekend


Floyd Mayweather’s Social Profile:

  • Floyd Mayweather’s Official Twitter:- Follow Him
  • Floyd Mayweather’s Official Facebook:- Follow Him
  • Floyd Mayweather’s Official Instagram: Follow Him

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