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National Anthems Day: Quotes, Wishes, Messages & Anthems Day Slogans (3rd March)

Cricket is not just sported in India, it’s a religion and a never-ending hype. But even before the Indian cricket team wins the match and makes us proud what is one other thing that makes us proud? 

It’s our national anthem! We automatically stand up from our respective seats and sing out loud. Not because it’s our duty to recite, but also because it gives that ecstatic feeling that probably no other song can give. 

Just like a country’s national flag, its history, struggles, and tradition are an identity of it, the national anthem is also one of the core identities of a nation. We always have a sense of belongingness for our respective national anthems. 

3rd March is National Anthems Day. A day that is totally dedicated to all the national anthems from all around the world. 


This is one of the rare days that doesn’t come with the question “Why should we celebrate the national anthems day?”. It’s never too early nor too late to celebrate the anthem which makes us proud every time we recite it.

“One flag, one land, one heart, one nation evermore” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

“Don’t just recite a national anthem, feel it” 

“If you want to thank a soldier, be the kind of Indian worth fighting for”

Why Should One Celebrate National Anthems Day?

There is no question of why not! The national anthem does not work only as an identity, but it also works as a nation’s property and a valuable asset. 


Soldiers (of any nation) are not a fool to recite the national anthem after achieving victory in a war. Coming back to our soldiers, even at minus 30 degrees, their bodies become as hot as fire when they recite our national anthem. 

The national anthem is also an integral part of the school’s daily routine. In India, there is hardly any school that does not follow this tradition. Why? Because authorities want us to have a sense of belongingness towards our nation. 

Different countries promote their national anthem in different ways. In some countries like China and Colombia, the national anthem is played at different intervals of time on radio and television channels. 

It’s Not Only About India and National Anthem Day in India! 

Every country has its national anthem and on 3rd March the world celebrates the day. It’s not only about my country and your country, but it’s also about all the continents and countries globally. 

Do you know that apart from national anthems of different countries, we have the earth anthem too? And you will be even more surprised to know that an Indian wrote the song which has now been translated into more than 50 languages! 


While different countries have their own ways of celebrating national anthem day and expressing their love towards their respective songs, we as people of motherly earth should respect all the anthems of the world. 

National Anthems Day Quotes & Sayings

“Freedom and bravery – there is a reason we sing of them in our national anthem. We are free because we are brave.” — Ali Master

National Anthems Day Quotes

“Sending best wishes on National Anthem Day to you, my dear…. May your heart is always filled with a feeling of patriotism.”

Best Quotes For National Anthems Day Quotes

“If every citizen should recite their national anthem daily, you will develop love to serve your country better.” — Lailah Gifty Akita

National Anthems Day Best Sayings

“A glorious song of a victorious nation – this is what our national anthem should mean to us. All the good wishes to you and your family on this patriotic day.”

Happy National Anthems Day Quotes Best Quotes

“National anthem of our country is our pride. Many best wishes to you and your family for this day. Hope you would celebrate this day with utmost love and passion.”

Best Quotes For National Anthems Day Quotes

National Anthems Day Wishes & Greetings

“Let us bring up the feeling of patriotism and respect in our heart and united come up to celebrate the anthem day.”

National Anthems Day Wishes

“National Anthem Day reminds us that we all are one and we are bonded with each and every word of our national anthem.”

Best Wishes National Anthems Day

“Sending best wishes on National Anthem Day to you….. May you sing the national anthem of India with great energy and take pride in it.”

National Anthems Day Greetings

“Don’t forget to keep the essence of this day alive. Wishing you and your family a joyful anthem day.”


Best Greetings For National Anthems Day

“Never miss a chance to sing the national anthem of your country….. Never miss a chance to wish your countrymen Happy National Anthem Day.”

National Anthems Day Wishes For Awareness

National Anthems Day Messages & Slogans

  • “This national anthem day let us all know about our country’s glorious and victorious history and let us all pay our respect to our nation and to our national anthem.”
  • “The national anthem holds a significant place in the hearts of all the people of the country. This national anthem day, let us all come together by singing out our national anthem. Have a great national anthem day.”
  • “This national anthem day, let us make a promise to always show respect while reciting our national anthem and hold its worth higher than anything else.”
  • “Our national anthem is a symbol of freedom and bravery. We should stand together and remind ourselves of the true meaning of our national anthem and pay our respect to our incredible nation.”
  • “We should always try to carry forward our actions in the direction of well-being and prosperity and help our country to grow. Let us celebrate this national anthem day by helping the underprivileged section of society.”

National Anthems Day Images & Posters

Best Images For World Press Day

Happy World Press Day Pics

World Press Day Images

Wrapping Up:

Note down the date, 3rd March. The world celebrates national anthem day, and we hope to see you celebrating it as well. 

This 3rd March is a national anthem day, don’t celebrate it as a biased person giving importance to only your country’s national anthem. Rather take out some time and listen to other nation’s anthems. 

The patriotic feeling and that ecstasy attached to it can come from any nation’s anthem, provided the fact that you are open to listen and feel the national anthem of some different country. You can also send those National Anthems Day Quotes, Wishes, Messages & Anthems Day Slogans to your friends.



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