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Emeraude Toubia Biography, Wiki, Net Worth, Movies, Tv shows & More.



Emeraude Toubia Biography
Emeraude Toubia Biography

Emeraude Toubia, best known as an actress, hails from Canada. Emeraude Toubia is also known for her ‘Shadowhunters series Emeraude Toubia did her high school education at Homer Hanna High School. Then after that, she graduated from San Bernardino Valley College. Emeraude Toubia has been in a relationship with Prince Royce for ten years. They are dating each other, so let’s knows in detail about Emeraude Toubia Biography, Wiki, Net Worth, Gender, Family, and relationships.

Who is Emeraude Toubia?

Emeraude Toubia is a Canadian actress best known for her performances in the freeform fantasy series ‘Shadowhunters’ and the Venevision telenovelas Cosita Linda’ and ‘Voltea Pa’ Que Te Enamores.’ Emeraude is a skilled model and also a professional dancer. 

Emerald, who hails from Montreal, grew up in Texas and was always interested in performing. Emeraude was trained in many dance forms when Emeraude was a young child. When Emeraude was 15 years old, Emeraude started participating in beauty pageants. 

In 1999, Emeraude made her first on-screen appearance in the children’s program Mundo de Los Ninos. Emeraude Tobia gained considerable fame in 2008 when Emeraude Toubia appeared in the second season of the Univision beauty pageant series Nuestra Belleza Latina.

Emeraude Toubia Bio

Emeraude Toubia Bio

Emeraude Toubia Biography

Full Name Emeraude Toubia
Profession Actress, Model
Nationality Canadian
Age 32 years old
Birthplace Montreal, Canada
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Date of Birth March 1, 1989
Height 5 feet 4 inches 
Weight 56 kg (123 lbs)
Bra Size/Breast 38B
Waist 27 inches
School Homer Hanna High School
College San Bernardino Valley College
Known For Shadow hunters
Debut  Love in the Sun
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Body type Slim
Husband Prince Royce
Net Worth 1 Million Approx USD
Last update 2022

Emeraude Toubia Birthday

Attractive Emeraude Toubia, born on March 1, 1889, happily celebrates her birthday with her family and close friends. She likes to spend this happy day happily.

Emeraude Toubia Height

Very attractive Emeraude Toubia is 5 feet 5 inches, and her weight is around 56 kg. She has perfect health, which makes her very attractive. Emeraude, along with your health, you also care a lot about your family, and she is a cultured woman.

Emeraude Toubia Age

The beautiful and attractive Emeraude Toubia, born on March 1, 1889, is 32 years old in the present (2021), and even during this age, it is desirable and beautiful.

Emeraude Toubia Family

Famous actress Emeraude, Her mother’s name, is Mirta Sonia. Emeraude’s mother was born and raised in Ciudad, Victoria, Mexico and Emeraude Toubia’s father is from a Lebanese-American country. Emeraude Tubia’s grandfather and grandmother are from the Kura Lebanon district.

Emeraude Toubia Relationship

As of 2021, Emraude Tubia’s boyfriend is Prince Royce. The pair started dating in 2011, and Prince Royce is 32 years old, and Emraud Toubia is 32. According to 2021, Emeraude Toubia had at least one more relationship before this, and Emeraude is not already engaged. 

Emeraude Toubia and Prince Royce have been dating for around ten years, 11 months. And then, after a long time, Emeraude Toubia and Prince Royce tied the knot on December 1, 2018.

Biography of Emeraude Toubia

Biography of Emeraude Toubia

Emeraude Toubia Career

Emeraude made his first television appearance in 1999, at the age of just ten. Emeraude became widely known in 2008 when Emeraude Tubia was selected to participate in the second season of the beauty pageant series Nuestra Belleza, 

where the contestants were given very rigorous training in their acting, dancing, and performing, among other activities, Tubia was adjudged the first runner-up. [8] Since then, he has been called Maybelline; JC Has been a feature in commercials for brands like Penny, Sony, Garnier, and AT&T.

Emeraude Toubia Net Worth

Famously Emeraude Toubia, the artist, has an estimated net worth of between $1 million and $5 million coming in as of 2021. On the other hand, the husband of Emeraude Toubia has a net worth of US$14 million. 

A Brief Run-through:

Famous Canadian actress Emeraude Toubia was born in Canada on March 1 (1989). She is known for Shadow hunters. Emeraude is a perfect dancer and model. She did her schooling at Homer Hanna High School in Brownsville. Suppose we talk about Emeraude Toubia’s relationship with Prince Royce. 

The couple’s relationship started around 2011, and this pair started dating in 2011. Recently, it is heard that this couple has got married, which is a matter of great pleasure. If we talk about the beautiful Emeraude Toubia, she makes her birthday on March 1 every year with great joy with her family and close friends.

Emeraude Toubia, born on March 1 (1989), is currently 32 years old in 2021, and even at this age, Emeraude Toubia is very beautiful and 5 feet 5 inches. Tall and weighs around 56 kg, and Emeraude is very healthy in appearance.


 She also does yoga to keep her health healthy, due to which she looks attractive in the upcoming TV show Emeraude Toubia is an excellent dancer. She is also a perfect model, and being a model and dancer is her acting career.

Emeraude Toubia’s Media Profiles:

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  • Is Emeraude Toubia a princess?

Prince Royce Officially Married His Beautiful Princess Emeraude Tubia in a Fairy Tail Secret. 

  • How old was Emeraude Toubia in shadow hunters?

When Emeraude Toubia is working as a shadow hunter, she is just 32 years.

  • Are Prince Royce and Emeraude still married?

Emeraude’s boyfriend, Prince Royce, is just, soon happily married to his soon-to-be wife, Emeraude Toubia.

  • Where are Emeraude Toubia’s parents from?

Emeraude’s mother, Mirta Sonia (née Solis), was born and raised in Ciudad, Victoria, Mexico, and Emeraude Toubia’s father were from a Lebanese-American country. Emeraude Toubia’s grandparents were from the Cura district of Lebanon.

  • Did Emeraude Toubia attend college?

Emeraude Toubia did her high school education at Homer Hanna High School. Then after that, she graduated from San Bernardino Valley College.


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