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How Will You Answer “Why Should You Be Hired For This Internship?”

Why Should You Be Hired For This Internship

What is your first thought when you prepare for an interview? If it is your first time before an interviewer, you are bound to get nervous. But, know this little trick: with the right preparation, you are bound to impress any interviewer. Preparation boosts confidence. What you can do is make a good revision of all the probable questions an interviewer can ask you. When you know the probable questions, you will be able to prepare the best answers as well. Great answers, coupled with confidence, is surely going to open doors of success for you.

If you are an absolute fresher in your field, the question that you are most likely going to face is “why should you be hired for this interview?” Well, do not get all worried. Continue reading and see for yourself how the answer to this important question is sorted for you. 

When the question is innocent yet tricky:-

What are you thinking about the question, “Why should you be hired for this interview?” Is this seeming quite easy for you? Well, it does appear to be quite an innocent question. 

  • But, it is actually a very tricky question through which the interviewer judges and analyses the candidate on a number of grounds. 
  • If you give a good and acceptable answer (exceptional, too), be assured that the internship position is yours. 
  • However, if you fail to do so, you will be left with a broken heart and disappointment.

So, pay close attention and understand the best ways in which you can tackle this deciding question.

Let us now see the different ways in which you can approach the question, “Why should you be hired for this internship?” 


1. A first-year student may say:

  • Right now, I am at a crucial juncture in my career. 
  • Being a final year/ semester student, I am about to complete my studies very soon. I have gained a lot of theoretical knowledge throughout my student days but I want to test my skills and understanding in the real practical world. 
  • I have heard a lot about the reputation of your firm. If you give me the opportunity to work under the experts in my field, I will not only understanding my skill set but also will be able to sharpen it under the guidance of the professionals. 
  • What more can I want in the form of an opportunity? I will give in my best and in return will gain a true insight into the practical functioning of my industry. 

These are the reasons for which I will be a great fit as an intern for this firm.

2. A fresher may stress upon the following points:

  • Sir/ ma’am, I know that I am a fresher and am still in the learning phase. However, please understand that everyone must begin at some point. 
  • As I am a fast and dedicated learner, you can trust me that I will pick up the skills pretty soon. 
  • Moreover, I am keen to apply the knowledge I have gathered so far but, I can also unlearn too if that is required. I believe that my theoretical knowledge will have the best sharpening at your esteemed firm. 
  • Being an avid researcher, I have some wonderful ideas that I would like to discuss and improve further with the experts here. 
  • Hence, if I am hired for this internship, I know I will benefit a lot but the company will get a young, open to learning and, an enthusiastic person like me too. 

I believe that is a good enough reason for the company to consider me as the right person.

3. Someone who has researched well about the company may say:

  • I am eager to learn all the various ways in which a business works and flourishes. 
  • If I am chosen for the position, I would be getting a true glimpse into the wonderful way in which a company even in the present socio-economic condition is showing responsibility towards the community at large. 
  • Before coming, I have gone through the website and have been in awe of the beautiful social service that is conducted. Your interactions and functioning with the different NGOs you have partnered with will help me understand and learn how a better world can be built. 
  • Being a social enthusiast myself, your ideals have really touched me. I will consider myself to be blessed if I am given an opportunity to learn under the esteemed experts. 
  • Moreover, the CEO’s approach towards life and work has made this company a dream firm for me. 

Hence, hiring me will give you a dedicated and enthusiastic employee like no other.

4. Someone who believes in making the base stronger may answer:

  • A solid and strong foundation matters a lot in the present day. 
  • Your esteemed firm is a brand in itself. If I get an opportunity to come on board with the experts in my field, I will consider myself blessed. Their expertise and skill will make a better future professional out of me. 
  • With the help of my prior skills and the wonderful guidance from your much valuable team, my base will be strengthened like no other. 
  • While I will learn so much under the supervision of the great gurus, I will give in more than my best. My team will have a complete commitment. 
  • I am hardworking and dedicated to the job I am entrusted with. 
  • If the company can trust an enthusiastic fresher like me as an intern, I am sure the company will reach new heights of success. 

5. A person with prior research experience may say:

  • I had done a special paper during my graduation on the industrial expertise of your company. That project had kindled in the interest in me. 
  • Now, I am looking forward to learning more. 
  • Moreover, while researching I had come up with some unique ideas that I believe that the experts will help me to sharpen further. 
  • I am an extremely patient person when it comes to learning. My intuitive and dedicated grasping capacity is going to make me an asset of an intern for this company. 
  • As I already have a fair idea about the job requirements and the industry, I will be able to catch up faster than the others. 

My eagerness and prior understanding may make you consider my candidature for the internship program.

6. If you are a ‘Digital Marketing’ enthusiast, have learned the basics of it, and now want to explore the field as a prospective career option, you might want to answer along the following lines:

  • Since childhood, I am a bookworm. I used to read every kind of book I could find. 
  • My reading habits have honed my writing skills. I give life to my imagination through the words. 
  • Now, growing up, I have learned to not only create content but also analyze it. I have been creating digital content for quite some time. 
  • It was a huge moment for me when I had created my own blog on WordPress. I am totally committed to my passion. I always ensure that my blog has fresh content to keep it running as smoothly as possible. I try to put in fresh content every week. 
  • My thoughts and creativity have been accepted by my followers too. They have been sending me positive and encouraging feedback. 
  • Moreover, I have started to promote my website on social media as well. 
  • In the last few months, I have completed some basic online certification courses on digital marketing, website creation, and content development. My resume has all the details, you can check them. 
  • My avid interest, exposure, experience and, enthusiasm coupled with dedication and commitment will be the right fit for all the prerequisites for this role, I believe. 

If I am selected as an intern at this reputed firm, I will surely not break your trust.

Now, if you are seeking a candidate in the digital marketing field:

  • You are will also be looking for a candidate who covers the above-mentioned points as well. 
  • Also, make sure to keep an eye on the body language as well. There should be confident about the knowledge and skills minus any kind of show-off.

7. If you are interested in taking up the ‘Human Resource’ field as a prospective career option, you might want to answer along the following lines:

  • During my college days, the authorities had trusted me with the positions of ‘placement coordinator’ and ‘campus ambassador’. Hence, I have learned the basic ropes of identifying the ripest cherries amongst the many in the basket. 
  • I believe that selecting the best fit candidate for a role solves half the problem for the company. After all, a person with the required skillset and approach is going to be an asset for any organization, I believe. 
  • My knack for identifying the right talent for any kind of job profile makes me a good choice for this internship. 
  • Moreover, I am currently pursuing a part-time PGDMBA in human resource management from a reputed university. 

Thus, I believe I am a great choice for this job profile.

Now, if you are a recruiter and want a human resource executive for your firm:

  • Make sure the candidate covers the above-mentioned points. Also, the candidate should have a pleasant yet professional approach. The body posture should match the words spoken out aloud.

8. If you are applying for the position of a ‘Marketing Executive’ intern, you can try answering in the following way:

  • I am a person who likes to convince people with my words. I have a flair for creativity which boosts my conviction power. I believe this will be a nice asset to your company. 
  • I think that any company wants to reach as many potential clients as possible. While it is not really possible to launch new products frequently, the marketing strategy sets apart any product. 
  • People with fresh and engaging ideas can be considered as the right people to be included in the team. This will be a huge plus in the era of tough, neck to neck competition. 
  • As a marketing enthusiast, I like to follow and analyze the current trends of the market and design the marketing strategy accordingly. 

I believe that my way is different and fresh. Hence, I will be a great fit for this role.

Well, if you are the recruiter, make sure that the marketing intern is:

  • Brimming with ideas and confidence
  • Has a suave yet warm body language


  • How convinced you were with the ideas. 

If you are impressed, consider hiring in.

9. If you are an absolute fresher and is open to any kind of internship program, you may want to consider answering in the following way:

  • I try to give in more than my best in whatever project I am involved in. Be it a simple project or a course work or a freelance task – everything will get an equal dedication from my end. 
  • Perhaps you will be amused, but even I doodle with sincerity. 
  • If I am focused on the job at hand, nothing will make me deter. My friend joke that I am a perfectionist. Well, it is a huge part of who I am. I have studied and understood with my whole heart and want to give in my cent percent in my job. 
  • Moreover, I am also open about learning and unlearning. Being a straightforward and honest person, I do not hesitate in seeking help from those who know better than myself. 
  • I help people in the same way as well. 

I believe these characteristics make a nice fit for this internship program.

10. The one who believes in teamwork may say

  • I believe that one of the foremost duties of an intern is to make a team’s task easier. 
  • My skill set and dedication will make me stand apart from the rest. 
  • However, I believe in teamwork. I will blend well with the others, learning and helping as and when required. 
  • My work and commitment will speak on my behalf. 

Thus, taking me on board as an intern will prove beneficial for the company.

These are nothing but helpful samples for you to prepare your own answer. Being general in approach, they will help you ace any kind of internship interview. Make sure to walk in with confidence as well as humility. Match the ideas you are talking about with the profile you are applying for. Viola! You are set to take the world by storm!


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