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Brian Hallisay Biography, Wiki, Family, Movies, Tv Shows, Net Worth & More.



Brian Hallisay Biography
Brian Hallisay Biography

Brian Hallisay is an actor by profession. Brian is best known for his portrayal in the CW drama series Privileged Brian also starred as Sister Hunter in the television series Brian graduated from Gonzaga College High School. So let’s know a little more about the Brian Hallisay Biography and more. 

Earned in 1996, and then he went to Cornell University. After college, Brian also worked on Wall Street.

He married actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. 

Who is Brian Hallisay? 

Born on October 31, 1978, Brian Hollisse is from America, and his place of birth is Washington. He made his acting career in the television series, in which he played the role of Ban Hunter in the first show, Revenge, from where his career started.

He is married to actress Jennifer Love Hewitt, and they have three children. After working in the TV series, he also worked in many big films, which gave him a lot of popularity. He did his bachelor’s degree at Gonzaga College High School. 

According to his birth, his age is 43 years, he got the most favor from American Sniper, and he has seen many drama movies.

Bio of Brian Hallisay

Bio of Brian Hallisay

Brian Hallisay Biography

Name Brian Hallisay
Date of Birth October 19, 1978
Gender Male
Height 6 ft 2 in
Profession Actor and Media
Nationality American
Famous Actor
Sun Sign Scorpio
Born In Washington, D.C.
Personality American man
Height 6’2″ (188 Cm), 6’2″ Males
Spouse/Ex Jennifer Love Hewitt (m. 2013)
Weight  78 kg
Birthday 19 October
Birthplace Washington
Monthly Income $25K+
Salary $300K+
Net Worth Rs. 15 Crore INR
Latest Update 2022

Brian Hallisay Birthday

Born on October 31, 1978, Brian Hallisay is from Washington, and he celebrates his birthday every year on October 31 with his wife, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and his three children. He is one of America’s famous actors.

Brian Hallisay Age

Brian Hallisay, born on October 31, 1978, is 43 years old and a man, he is an actor by money, he is from Washington, he is married to an actress named Jennifer Love Hewitt and has three children.

Brian Hallisay Height and Weight

Brian Hallisay’s height is 6 feet 2 inches. His weight is 78 kg, and he takes excellent care of his health, for which he also exercises, and takes care of his health and the health of his family. 

Brian has three children. He is married to an actress, the age of this beautiful actor from America is only 43 years.

Brian Hallisay Relationships

While working on The Client List, he met actress Jennifer Love Hewitt who was working as his co-star, from where the two first completed and gradually grew closer. 

Brian Hallisay Bio

Brian Hallisay Bio

And in 2012, Jennifer in Brian started dating, and then, a news report in 2013 announced that Brian and Jennifer Love Hewitt were engaged now the couple is preparing for their first child.

And they got married before November 20, 2013, and in June 2015, a newborn went to Brian and Jennifer’s house, and in 2021, Brian put forth the matter of his wife Jennifer being pregnant, and then in September 2021, the third child of this couple was born and Took the name, Aidan James. 

Brian Hallisay Career

Brian Hollisse’s career began in 2015 when he played Jake Carrington in “ The Inside, and then he was seen playing the role of “Dr. George Harmon” in the Lifetime Network series. He appeared on several TV stands.

Worked and worked on many drama crime series, one of his prominent films came, due to which he got a lot of popularity, the names of some of his films give below.

Brian Hollisse Movies and Tv Shows

Brian Hollisse Film 

  • 2006 Bottoms Up
  • 2011 Hostel
  • 2014 Jessabelle
  • 2014 American Sniper

Brian Hollisse Television

  • 2005 The Inside
  • 2005 Strong Medicine
  • 2006 Without a Trace
  • 2006 Cold Case
  • 2007 CSI: NY
  • 2007 Bones Ben Michaelson
  • 2007 Bionic Woman
  • 2008 Medium
  • 2008–09 Privileged
  • 2009 Eastwick
  • 2011 Rizzoli & Isles
  • 2012 Ringer FBI Agent
  • 2012–13 The Client List
  • 2013 Body of Proof
  • 2014 Mistresses
  • 2014–2015 Revenge
  • 2016 Major Crimes
  • 2016 Code Black
  • 2018 NCIS
  • 2018–19 9-1-1
  • 2019 Suits

Brian Hallisay Net Worth

Brian Hollis, a well-known face of America, is a resident of Washington, a city in America. He has done many films which have gained a lot of popularity, and Brian has worked in many television series. 

If you do, it is $300K+, which is too much to live a happy life, live with his family in which he has his wife and his three children, has a luxury car, his life is no less than any personal life. 

Brian Hallisay’s  Media Profiles:

  •  Instagram
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Website


  • How did Jennifer Love Hewitt and Brian Hallisay meet?

Brian Hallisay and Jennifer Love Hewitt first met during a suite where Jennifer worked as Brian’s co-star. Brian started dating Jennifer in 2012.

  • Is Jennifer Love Hewitt still married to Brian?

Jennifer was pregnant, and then in September 2021, the third child of this couple was born. 

  • What is the net worth of Brian Hallisay

If you do, it is $300K+ which is too much to live a happy life, live with his family in which he has his wife and his three children, he has a luxury car, his life is no less than any personal life. 

  • How tall is Brian Hallisay? 

Brian Hallisay’s height is 6 feet 2 inches, and his weight is 78 kg. He takes excellent care of his health, which he also exercises, takes care of his health as well as the health of his family, 

  • What is the name of Brian Hallisay’s third child? 

The third child of this couple was born and Took the name, Aidan James.


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