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How To Forget Someone Forever and Move On With Your Life

How To Forget Someone

We never make relations to break them or stop thinking about them later. But as life does not go bestowing what we want, sometimes we need to pretend someone does not exist anymore and learn how to forget someone.

We all may have been through that situation when we tried hard to expunge some reminiscences because it is difficult to stay up all night thinking of them.

Sometimes we think about someone we wish would never come to our lives who brought us bad memories. Because it is painfully difficult to try and forget a person once we cared about. But what to do when we are with no option left?

It is better to know how to forget about someone.

Why Forgetting Someone Is Necessary? 

In the beginning, even the idea of forgetting someone intimidates us. Because the person we try to forget forever is an inevitable part of our life, and we can’t think of our lives without them. But it is exceptionally necessary to forget them and move on in our life, because:

  • Forgetting makes your mind more efficient
  • It helps your brain to make better decisions
  • Forgetting helps you to get rid of memories and information you don’t need any longer
  • It helps you to move forward in your future, leaving the past behind
  • It helps you do generate positive emotions and feelings inside

How to Forget Someone You Once Loved In Just 7 Steps?

Through many hard ranging experiences in my life, I gathered some wisdom on how to forget someone and stay happy. So, pay attention because after reading this article, you will learn to get through this phase with your head high.

1. Learn to Accept What Happened

The best way to deal with a negative situation is to accept it. Don’t be among those who cannot accept that things did not work out the way they wanted. If you accept what happened to you, it will be easier for you to get over someone.

Things can indeed change, but in the meantime, accept the situation the way it is. That way, you will never be hopeful for some magic to happen. You won’t expect the person who broke your heart will suddenly appear at your doorstep with the wedding ring and will beg you to get back. Well, that only can happen in movies and novels.

2. Let Things Go 

Did you listen to many motivators saying, “Let it go?”

Well, now is the time to incorporate that in real. Letting things go will help you to free your mind and heart. When you accept things that happened to you, the next step is to promise that you will move forward and won’t look back.

3. Go Out and Meet New People 

Please don’t spend all your time sitting on your couch and eat ice cream, even though you enjoy it. Because after enjoying two tubs or three, you eventually have to face real-life challenges.

Put your shoes on, then go out. Either it’s a walk, going out shopping, seeing your old friends, or making some new ones- just go out. I know your heart is broken, but don’t allow anything to take your time away from you when you are still breathing.


4. Don’t Dwell on The Past 

Stop probing yourself with ‘what if….’ questions. If you look back or still looking back, it won’t change anything in the present. Thinking, ‘what if I tried harder?’ will only exacerbate your mind and won’t bring any solution.

When you need to learn how to forget someone, you must focus on “what you can do” instead of “what you could have done, but you did not.”

5. Work on Self-Improvement 

There is no point sulking. If you want to know how to forget about someone, the best thing you can focus upon is yourself. This is the best chance you got to look within and improve yourself. Pursue your hobbies, take up fun sports, and do whatever makes you feel good about yourself.

Losing someone does not mean that you should stop living your own life or stop working on yourself. And though it’s easy to hide from the situation and sit on the couch while blaming yourself, it won’t improve you in any way. The best revenge is looking better now and forever.

6. Avoid Things That Reminds You of Your Past 

Staying away is the nicest way while learning how to forget someone. I know it is tempting to stalk someone to see if they are suffering the way you are, but that’s not a good idea.

When you need to cleanse yourself of all your memories, taking some time away from things that remind you of your past can help. You must avoid the same friend circle, same places for hanging out, and basically everything that reminds you of them.


It will take strength, but I know you can do it.

7. Upgrade Your Lifestyle 

If your life has always been revolving around that one person, the best way to get over it is to change and upgrade your lifestyle. When you will work on yourself and follow all the other tips I have discussed above, you will upgrade your lifestyle like a boss.

Start making some changes like focusing on your career and health or changing your city or vicinity.


Well, nothing can guarantee you that you will completely forget someone in one day or one week. But when you follow all the steps we talked about in this article, you will eventually succeed in doing so.

Even though you are trying hard to learn how to forget someone, remember one thing- don’t force yourself to do things overnight. It will take time to bring you a sustainable result. I know it is never easy to forget someone who gave you so much to remember, but some efforts and rules will slowly and unconsciously cleanse your mind and heart.



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