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What Is The True Meaning of Success in Real Life?

Definition of Success

If we Google the term “success,” we will meet various websites talking about different success definitions. As per Wikipedia, it is the state or condition where you meet a defined range of expectations. And it will also tell you that success is the opposite of failure.

If you want to know either those facts about the success you have been through so far are right or wrong, I would like to share only 2 pieces of good news with you before commenting on anything.

  • You are never too late to start afresh.
  • You can always write your own definition of success in life.

It is difficult to offer an absolute definition of success that will fit everyone’s opinion. Because while many of us chase career, position, money, or social status, we sometimes don’t feel successful even after receiving those things. That is because every so often, we can measure success with our achievements in life. This article will try to see success from various angles and understand what success really is.

What Is Success? 

Success is sometimes the feeling of excitement about what you do. Sometimes it’s all about living a life you can feel proud of in retrospect. After watching numerous Ted talks and after reading as many self-help books as possible, I realized that the definition of “success” lies in the way you define it for yourself. And no one in this world but you can do that.

Sometimes, the person we think is absolutely successful in his life doesn’t define himself to be successful. And from that aspect, you can say that the definition of success varies depending upon human perspectives.

Sometimes the true meaning of success can be a sense of giving back to the world and making a difference. And at other times, it can also mean a sense of accomplishment in your career progression.


Success can also mean being able to do things that you love, and it even can mean being able to provide the best upbringing to your children.

Thus, it is noticeably clear that the definition of success varies for different people. And it’s entirely up to your which parameters do you follow to measure your success.

It is difficult to have a one size fits all approach while defining success in real life. And if you read the biography is and autobiographies of successful people, you will notice that they have achieved great things by defining their own terms for success.

What Is the True Meaning of Success in Spirituality?

If you really want to know the true meaning of success and if I am the one to define it, I’ll simply say it is the feeling of wholeness with the soul. Success is the byproduct of a life that is contented inside out. And the key to living a successful life is gaining the awareness that whatever you have is enough.

Once you realize that you have enough, you create a space within your consciousness to realign the harmony inside your soul.

Success Is the Feeling of Wholeness 

If we talk about spiritual psychology, we will see that our psyche comprises three specific parts: the ego, the persona, and the essential self. The ego is “I” or the personality I am. It is what we believe ourselves to be. The persona is the way we want to present ourselves to the world.


These two parts are incredibly powerful that can cause us to believe in the illusion of failure. Especially when they are misaligned with the third aspect, which is the essential self or the “God-self.”

If we let ourselves be operated by the world of effects, we also free our attention from our soul. And as the saying goes, where the attention goes, energy flows.

Most of us define success in terms of material and mundane supplies. Though the definition of success is demonstrated by completeness or wholeness, you can experience success by walking in alignment with the needs of your soul.

Thus, if you see success as a demonstration of a certain level of materialistic or financial status you have achieved, you can only grasp a small portion of your soul’s utmost potential.

It took some time to understand this profound truth. Still, I soon discovered that when I was pushing myself towards the vision of success based on monetary requirements, not wholeness, I was meeting anxiousness and negative emotions.

And when I focused on walking towards the wholeness, I simply devoted my full attention to my passions. As a result, I watched my soul blossom.


How I Found the Real Definition of Success in Life?

I think whenever we talk about success, we focus on the societal definition of the term. When we were kids, our parents always wanted to give us better education to make enough money to raise our family and pay our bills without struggling. And when some of us happen to have the title of doctor or lawyer, we are viewed favorably in society.

I remember I always pictured a big house, a huge car, a handsome and rich husband with two adorable kids, a closet full of designer clothes, and so many world trips whenever I envisioned my successful life.

Then, these were the things that represented success in my mind. And when I started growing up and tried pursuing those things to the extent I could, I was wedged with lots of energy loss and heartache.

From my own story, you can probably guess that I have learned many things throughout my journey. And let me share those things with you.

  • You can rent, borrow, or purchase any lodging or shelter to protect you from rain and cold.
  • You can rely upon any vehicle you can afford, which makes you safe and takes you where you need to go.
  • Just because a man is handsome, it’s not necessary that he will respect and appreciate you the way you deserve or desire.
  • Some children are born with struggles, and they face challenges while behaving properly.
  • And there is no need for a closet full of clothes to stay happy and healthy.

In my 30s, success looks much different to me, and now success for me is all about being my best self while feeling contented and staying in peace of mind.

Now I feel that a person is completely successful if he:

  • Can help others and enjoy his present moment being kind and compassionate,
  • Is being grateful and loving.
  • Has a priceless network of friends and family,
  • Is working toward his good health.
  • Has a roof over his head to stay warm and comfortable.
  • Is earning enough money to comfortably pay his bills
  • Is fueling his children’s education
  • Has a job that allowing him to create and grab new opportunities

Does it look very simple?

Yes, because it is. Achieving success is no hard task if you shift your perspectives are little. You can call it our state of mind as the feeling of being successful entirely depends upon your point of view. if you feel contented with what do you have, you are successful and if you are still looking forward to achieving more, you are yet to be successful.

Success is Not the Opposite of Failure

Modern society has contaminated the real definition of success. And if you go through the books we used to follow in our nursery, you will find that society defines success as the opposite of failure and vice versa. There is a fundamental problem with the meanings and definitions of success and failure. And society has a destructive view of human life.


In my view, success and failure are the two most abused and misused words in the modern context. Many of us fear failure and run behind success. And chasing success becomes the biggest obstacle in our lives. And most people who are trying to achieve success don’t know the real definition of the term.

In reality, there is no absolute definition of success that is universally accepted. Success is a journey and not a goal, as there is no endpoint to our desires. According to Zig Ziglar, sometimes failure is not a person but an event that allows you to learn from it and move ahead.

Failure is not the opposite of success, and success is inseparable from failure because success is all about rising new challenges, and you cannot successfully meet those challenges without failing. Success is all about living a life aligned with your deep values, which you can call your principles.


If you ask me about the true meaning of success, I will try to define it from my point of view.

And to me, status, money, and possessions are extremely poor indicators of defining success.


I think there are much more effective measures such as:

  • Truth: if I am true to myself and two others from my soul?
  • Strength: how resilient and strong am I?
  • Focus: if I’m bird swing, what truly matters in my life?

For me, the real definition of success is developing a willingness to repeatedly try for a breakthrough and sweat all the way down until the salt of my soul spills out on the floor.


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